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Kapu refers to the ancient Hawaiian code of conduct of laws and regulations. The kapu system was universal in lifestyle, gender roles, politics, religion, etc.

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First Names Beginning in "E" Translated into Hawaiian! ... there are many names which sound similar and have the same phonetic translation. .... Eric - Elika

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We feature over 4,000 phonetic Hawaiian name translations. ... language there are many names which sound similar and have the same phonetic translation.

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Your Name In Hawaiian. Most Common Names. English Names, Hawaiianized Names. Aaron, Aalona. Abby, Api. Abigail, Apikaila ... Eric, Elikapeka. Erin, Elina.

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Dictionary of 5000 Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian entries selected from the Puku`i and Elbert Hawaiian Dictionary.

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Dec 1, 2008 ... Your Name In Hawaiian – E. ... Eric – Elikapeka Erin – Elina ... I know its a uniquen name, so is there any translation from english to hawiian?

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Hawaiian Word, English Definition. ha`alele, to leave a place; abandon something. ha`awi, give. ha`awi mai, give (me; us). ha`awina, lesson. ha`i, inform; tell; ...

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Translations between English and Hawaiian given names. Site utility impacted by popup windows.

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TOMOE'S HAWAIIAN NAMES A - G .... Translate the name into a Hawaiian name. Better yet, express a true Hawaiian sentiment by ... Eric - Elika Erica - Elika

Aloha e komo mai - Hawaiian - English Translation and Examples


E komo mai, Welcome, come in, Hawaiian, English US, Translation, human translation, automatic translation.

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Hawaiian Names Have you ever wondered what your name would be when ... Maui Divers of Hawaii has translated some of the most popular Hawai. ... translated some of the most popular Hawaiian names into English for you. .... Eric - Elika

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Elika does not necessarily mean anything. The Hawaiian language has a limited number of letters and Elika is the phonetic translation of Eric into Hawaiian.

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see here the translation for the vocabulary: from 'oihana koa to 'olelo ho'alo'alo. ... organ (musical instrument); 'oke = operate (surgerically); 'oki = circumcise ...