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Air Travel With Broken Bones | USA Today


Ask for suggestions on traveling with minimal pain and difficulty. ... seat if possible to give yourself more room, particularly if you're traveling with a broken leg.

Flying after Surgery - Dr James Mclean


When can I fly home after shoulder or other surgery. ... turbulence and sit comfortably in a chair for the required duration of the flight. ... Please note – Surgery &/or a broken bone will also affect where you can sit on a plane ... If you have an upper body sling or your leg is in a cast that allows you to bend your knee, you wi...

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Sep 13, 2012 ... Hello all, I will be travelling on crutches for the next few weeks. ... If you're in a cast, long periods at high altitude can cause swelling which can be ... what you don't need for the trip the day before and have it back the day after.

Can I travel with a broken limb in a cast? - Ryanair


If you have a broken limb in a cast you should advise Ryanair of both your ... If you are travelling with a full leg in cast you must purchase *3 seats* in total, per ...

The dangers of flying post-surgery - The Washington Post


Jan 17, 2013 ... But a clot that forms in the deep veins of the leg can be deadly if it breaks off ... tend to imbibe on a long flightcan lead to dehydration, Seides said. ... taken only after you've weighed the benefits and risks with your doctor. ... During car trips, take a break to walk and stretch at least every three to fou...

Frequently Asked Questions about Foot and Ankle Surgery

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Cambridge Foot and Ankle Clinic T: 01223 518989 F: 01223 847436 ... 518989. How soon can I walk after my operation? ... You should not travel long haul after.

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Jun 16, 2004 ... of course you can fly with a broken leg. You can't however ... No flying 48 hours after the cast has been put on, after that you can. (Because of swelling, tis can ... Regards, SevenHeavy. So long 701, it was nice knowing you.

Flying With A Broken Leg - Airliners.net


Dec 12, 2005 ... There is no word if she will get a full leg cast or one below the knee. ... called the airline and requesting the bulkhead row as soon as possible. ... don't depend on a Travel Agent to do it, then have the carrier fax you or e-mail you .... about 2 weeks after breaking my both bones in my leg right above my ankle, ...

Medical clearance | Virgin Atlantic


Information on medical clearance when flying with Virgin Atlantic. ... You can download this form here or our Special Assistance team can email one to you. ... As long as your condition or injury is stable and you feel well, you do not ... Minor injuries such as: toe and finger injuries; twisted ankles; pulled muscles; small cuts

Important General Surgical Information | London Foot and Ankle


Age over 60; Smoker; Immobility, for example, if you have ... to fly soon after surgery because your foot or ankle can swell ...

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Can I travel on a plane if I have a plaster cast? - Health questions ...


Most airlines will allow you to fly 48 hours after your plaster cast has been fitted. ... If you have an upper body cast or your leg is in a plaster cast and you can bend your knee, you'll be able to sit in a normal seat. ... the airport and to board the plane, tell your airline as soon as possible. ... How do I know if I've bro...

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Aug 5, 2015 ... If your leg is in a cast, make sure you can bend it to sit in an average airplane seat; otherwise, ... arrange for you to have a wheelchair in the airport, both before your flight and after you land. ... The Duration of a Broken Finger.

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Feb 21, 2012 ... They added that as long as I understood it was exactly the same concept as ... From a high level, traveling with crutches is very difficult but can be done. ... Unfortunately, a week after my ankle broke and the cast was on, there ...