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Many of today's state criminal codes restricting knife use and ... rather than rewritten to remove old classifications and definitions that ... these patchwork statutes can result in lengthy leg...

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Knife laws can be divided into these two categories: ownership laws and carry laws. ... As long as the blade is less than 3 or 2.5 inches, you should be fine.

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Apr 10, 2015 ... Not really, but it's arguable that the intent changes between different designs of knives. And intent seems to be a huge part of how knife laws ...

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After reading your state's knife laws, if you still have a question on the legality of a specific knife, I will provide a brief ... can have their own knife or other weapons ordinances, and ... "The possession and use of dangerous weapons has long

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There is no size limit for concealed folding knives (as long as the knife isn't in the ... Some of the legal factors that an attorney can review with you include:.

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Aug 25, 2013 ... For example, if the blade on your knife is less than 2” long, you are not .... California and federal knife laws can sometimes appear confusing ...

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State laws can vary greatly, and taking a knife that is legal in California over state ... with one's thumb, as long as the knife “has a detent or other mechanism that ...

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Dec 3, 2012 ... All folding knives are legal. California Penal Code Section 17235. As long as they are in the folded position they can be carried in a concealed ...

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Sep 9, 2016 ... The laws on selling, buying and carrying a knife depend on the type of knife, ... sell a knife to anyone under 18 (16 to 18 year olds in Scotland can buy ... with a folding blade 3 inches long (7.62cm) or less; carry a knife in public ...

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Texas knife laws are mostly found in the Court's decisions, or case law, as the ... and the statutes so that anyone can understand what is legal and what is not ... It is illegal to conceal or open carry any knife with a blade over 5 ½ inches long ...

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Knife Laws and no local government can have knife laws more strict than the state law. Anchorage ..... 74-24. Y 3" knife with a blade more than three inches long.

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In Re: Angel R, G039120 (2008) concludes that a knife which can be opened ... People v Gross 830 P.2d 933 (1992) is sometimes cited in reference to CO knife laws, ..... and allows you to carry virtually anything as long as you keep it concealed.