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The Oregon Trail is a 2,170-mile (3,490 km) historic east–west, large-wheeled wagon route and .... By overland travel, American missionaries and early settlers (initially mostly ex-trappers) s...

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Other questions to ponder: How long did the trek take, on the average? How long did ... When did travel on the Oregon-California Trail begin? Which type of draft ...

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The Oregon Trail migration, more correctly known as the Oregon-California ... However, the first mass migration did not occur until 1843 when approximately 1000 ... The trip usually took 4-6 months by wagon traveling 15 miles a day whereas ...

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The Oregon Trail opened at a time when the westward settlement and ... They did know that the back country of Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas had not proved to ... Propaganda about Oregon and early accounts of travel west flourished in ..... Company agents at Fort Hall encouraged the emigrants to take the California route.

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In the years to come, pioneers came to call the route the Oregon Trail. ... Oregon Trail was an annual event, although the practice of traveling in giant convoys ... after the first modest party of settlers made the long, overland journey to Oregon.

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When did the Oregon Trail start? ... For most children, there was no school while traveling with the wagon train. ... Why did people go to the Oregon Territory?

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The Oregon Trail, which stretched for about 2,000 miles (3,200 km), flourished ... America who wished to travel to California or Oregon generally went by ship ... an arduous and often harrowing sea journey that could take nearly a year to complete. ..... Most wagon companies did circle their wagons when resting or camping ...

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cracks between the boards with tar to make the wagons waterproof when they .... What effect did the rivers have on emigrant travel along the Oregon Trail? a.

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The Whitman group proved families could complete this long journey. ... How many months did it take to travel the Oregon Trail in the 1840's? About six months .

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What type of people did the Oregon ... Oregon? Who were the first type of people to travel to Oregon? What name was given ... men accept or take after they were ... How long was the trip to Oregon? What were some of the dangers on the trail?

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Q: When did the travel on the Oregon Trail begin? A: The first ... Q: How long did the trip take on the average? ... Q: How much money did it take to go west?

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How many miles long is the California Trail? How long did the journey take? How . ... How many miles would a typical wagon train travel per day? ... The California and Oregon Trails follow the same route until Idaho, where they diverge, the ...

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What kind of supplies did the pioneers take on their trip? .... but were too long, heavy, and cumbersome to be practical for a long journey over the Oregon Trail.