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African dwarf frog


African dwarf frogs, genus Hymenochirus, are small aquatic frogs native to parts of Africa, ... African dwarf frogs live their entire lives underwater but need to rise to the ... These frogs are sma...

How to Care for African Dwarf Frogs: 11 Steps


As long as there is an effective filtering system, any size shallow tank will do. Also ... In nature, African Dwarf Frogs live in water depths shallower than 7-8" deep.

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Mar 26, 2013 ... I take a look at my African Dwarf Frog Tank and review the ... The average life expectancy of an African Dwarf Frog is five years, but they can live as long as 20 ... African Dwarf Frogs however can live on their own but really do ...

African Dwarf Frog size and lifespan


In Depth Information on Common Aquatic Clawed Frogs. African Dwarf Frog ... How Big Do They Get? African Dwarf ... How Long Will They Live? The average ...

African Dwarf Frogs Life Span - African Dwarf Frogs as Pets


The Zaire dwarf clawed frog has small spots, a brown to gray coloring and has ... their name, African Dwarf Frogs grow to the size of between 1” to 1.5” long from their ... It is said that African dwarf frogs do not smell their food but spot it, so one ... are bottom feeders, a diet of chopped up earthworms, blood worms (ideally live ),...

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Learn all about the African Dwarf Frog - information, pictures, feeding, and care. ... live almost entirely underwater, though they are air breathers as well and do ...

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Hoods & Lighting · Live Fish · Pond Supplies · Protein Skimmers · Pumps & Powerheads · Reverse Osmosis ... African Dwarf Frogs originated in the rivers and streams of central Africa. ... average adult size: 1 1/4 inches long ... loss of appetite; hazy or cloudy eyes; does not swim away from cap...

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(A) African Dwarf Frogs can do well in a small aquarium (5 gallons or larger), but if housing a large ... (G) Decorate the aquarium with live or artificial plants.

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Jan 28, 2011 ... They live almost entirely underwater and they are very easy to take care of. ... They are talking about Flin and Stan, the two African dwarf frogs that live in ... Native to sub-Saharan Africa, these frogs are very small -- about 1½ inches long. ... The frogs do sometimes come out of the water, so the cover should ...

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Item 36 - 4031859 ... African dwarf frogs are a great addition to a peaceful tropical ... Nutrition African dwarf frogs will do well on a diet of live or frozen brine shrimp, ...

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I have several African dwarf frogs {Hymenochirus boettgeri}. ... but you don't have to feed them live icky bugs either! ... What I do is to use regular tap water as long as it's treat it with anti-chlorine drops (which can be purchased pretty cheap at ...

African Dwarf Frog Housing and Feeding


Tank care of African Dwarf Frogs is very simple. Please ... They do not need a heater as long as the water doesn't drop below 70. I keep my ... African Dwarf frogs thrive on a varied diet of live, frozen, freeze dried and pelleted food. Specially ...

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You can expect your African Dwarf Frog to live for around five years or so, but ... so they should not be taken out of their aquatic homes for very long at all, if ever.