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The Burmese python (Python bivittatus) is one of the five largest species of snakes in the world ... (video) An albino Burmese python at a zoo in Japan ... In the wild, Burmese pythons grow to 3.7 m...

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Snake guide for Albino Ball Pythons, Python regius, Albino Ball Python Facts and Pictures, care, ... The breeding process is a year long cycle, the eggs are often infertile if proper breeding ... As they grow and are handled, they will become more tame. .... We do not recommend using newspaper as it is messy and ugly.

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An albino California kingsnake. ... Warning: Do not raise juvenile California kingsnakes together, they could eat each other. ... Feeding once a week will maintain your California kingsnake, but the snake will grow faster if you feed it ... a great snakeit is about four and a half feet long and I guess it could still get bigger if I fe...

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Apr 1, 2013 ... Jen and the large male Albino Burmese Python we just got in! Sorry, California sales ONLY. For pricing and availability, please visit our website ...
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Aug 17, 2013 ... does anyone know how much she payed for the bigger snakes cage? .... your snakes are cool I have an albino corn snake and a calafornian corn snake ... How to setup a corn snakes cage july 2012 (20 gallon long) ...

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Burmese pythons grow quickly while young, but like most snakes, this rapid growth ... The Burmese python was long considered a subspecies of the Indian python (Python molurus) .... What Do Agkistrodon & Zaocys Snakes Have in Common?

How to Care for a Corn Snake: 12 Steps (with Pictures)


Corn snake adults can get to be as big as 5 feet (1.4m) long. ... Do not use cedar shavings in a snake habitat as it is toxic to reptiles. ... small mice (hoppers), medium mice (weaned), large mice (adult) and extra large (jumbo adult) as they grow.

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Albino corn snakes also have stunning, ruby-red eyes. The corn snake ... One thing that he likes to do is to go up into a girl's hair and get stuck! When not doing  ...

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... long. As the Burmese python is growing in popularity, so are the number of morphs and color combinations available like albino and granite. ... As long as your treat this species with respect and understanding, you will not have a ... If your snake is over 10-12 feet in length, do not remove it from the cage by yourself simply ...

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Corn snakes will grow an average of 3-5 feet long. After the many ... These snakes are slender, and do not grow thick around like the ball python. This makes ...

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Like all corn snakes, the albino corn snake makes an excellent pet for the advanced beginner. ... This snake will grow to the same size as a normal corn snake which is between ... Because they are albino, they do not do well in bright lighting. .... if it goes on for too long, you may want to take the snake to a vet for a check up.

Burmese Python Care Sheet - Reptiles Magazine


Snakes of this size, however, are unusual and do not reach these proportions quickly or by ... Growth is rapid initially, but slows considerably after about 10 feet. The average adult Burmese in captivity is probably about 11 or 12 feet long.

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Do you really want a snake that may grow more than 20 feet long or weigh 200 pounds, urinate and defecate like a horse, will live more than 25 years and for ...