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Jan 27, 2016 ... A parrot's lifespan is long and they live well into retirement age, so how do these birds defy the odds and live for so long?


May 6, 2017 ... Pet birds can live quite a long time. Potential owners need to be aware of the longevity of their bird so that they can be prepared to provide ...


Parrots have been kept as pets for hundreds of years, and they are still popular pets today. ... However, not all birds will live such long lives. Heredity plays a role  ...


May 4, 2017 ... Parrots are incredible animals, and just one of the things that makes them special is that they can live an awfully long time. But how many of ...


A parrot's life span in captivity is considerably shorter than his potential life span. This is due to ... How long they enrich your life is in your hands. Proper nutrition ...


Jun 28, 2011 ... Parrots are reputed to live to great ages – over 100 years if some reports ... Other groups of birds that do well in zoos and regularly live into their 40's ... Age aside, they are very complicated, and can be very difficult if all is not ...


With proper care and balanced nutrition pet birds often live far longer than these ... require arrangements to be made due to the fact that they will often out-live ...

May 20, 2013 ... Most birds in captivity don't live as long as in the wild, becasue they are not .... snakecat100 do you know how long can a sun conure live up to?


May 7, 2014 ... Other birds and mammals and fish and microbes manage to live longer. ... Who knows how long the Aldabra might live, though. ... of the least remarkable things about tuataras is that they can live up to a century in the wild.


In other words, few birds die of "old age -- they just run the same gamut of risks year in and year out until they are ... Birds can be very long-lived in captivity.