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It can take 3 – 4 weeks to fully heal. It is one of the fastest healing piercings. Swelling generally lasts for ...

Nov 13, 2012 ... If you have any questions, let me know so we can learn and heal together. ... I had difficulty swallowing for a few days but you have to get used to it and it will soon ... $10 TONGUE PIERCING!?? honey i wouldntve trusted that!


May 9, 2017 ... Learn about how long it takes for a tongue to heal, what to avoid, ... I had my tongue pierced for 3 years and its starting to hurt, does it mean its infected? ..... Little dannie (and everyone els who has swelling) take advil!! this will ...


Tongue piercing is one of the most popular piercing in the past few years. ... Over using soaps, lotions and/or cleaners does nothing to aid the piercing to heal, ... have to take antibiotics advised by a doctor to get rid of tongue piercing infection.


Includes: • Debate over tongue piercing • Tongue piercing dos • Tongue ... to your piercer's instructions about aftercare, and try to get them in writing if possible. ... Don't kiss or engage in other oral activities until you are completely healed.


Tongue piercings usually take between 10-14 days to heal, it is almost ... Many people wish to get their tongues pierced but feel they are prevented by the ...


While currently gaining popularity, tongue piercing is not a new practice. ... night to ensure that it does not come loose, causing the bar to fall out of the piercing.


Jan 18, 2012 ... hi, i'm trying to figure out how long it may take my tongue to heal after removing my tongue ring. i've had it pierced for about 10 years. i'm very ...


This is information that I received way back in the olden days! I got my tongue pierced a very ... I got my tongue pierced a very long time ago, but my current piercer, E.T., has ... Tongue piercings usually take between 10-14 days to heal, it is almost ... DO use B-vitamins with a Zinc supplement as these promote healing.


After tongue piercing you must want it to heal quickly because tongue affects so ... After the swelling on your tongue has reduced, visit your piercer to get your ...