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How Long Do You Have To File A Police Report? - The Law Dictionary


The amount of time you have to file a police report varies by state and by crime, ... of time that a crime may have occurred in the past for charges to be filed.

How long does a person have to press charges? | Reference.com


The amount of time allowed to press charges after a crime or to file a report with the police is dependent on the crime and the state in which it is committed says ...

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Dec 31, 2011 ... Now someone is threatening to press assault... ... How long after the incident can you wait to press assault charges? + Read More .... Get the domestic violence help you need, at a fixed price on Avvo. Divorce and separation ...

How long do you have to press charges if someon - Q&A - Avvo


Feb 24, 2011 ... YES, you should have up to one year at least to have the District Attorney file a complaint. In California, there is a 3-year statute on felonies, one ...

How to Press Criminal Charges Against Someone | Criminal Law


Police and prosecutors do not arrest and charge someone solely because another ... Unless the police observe the crime, they will need to gather evidence and ...

How to Press Assault Charges: 12 Steps (with Pictures)


Aug 18, 2015 ... How long after the assault do I have to press charges? ... You can pursue a civil complaint against the person that assaulted you because in ...

If someone were to file assault charges tomorrow on me, would


One last thing, do you have any idea how long it normally takes the police/ prosecutor to decide to press charges against me? Basically, do you think it would be ...

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All I want to know is if I waited to long or of I can still press charges ... @ 4myAmuzumament: She isn't the kind of person you'd take pity on if you knew her .

Map: How Long Does Your State Give Rape Survivors to Pursue ...


Nov 24, 2014 ... Map: How Long Does Your State Give Rape Survivors to Pursue Justice? 34 states have statutes of limitations on filing rape or sexual-assault charges. ... comes forward within three years, the state has 10 years to file charges. ... Exemption if there is a match with a person already in the DNA database.

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How long after arrest do I have to wait to find out what the charges are? How will my ... Someone threatened to press criminal charges against me. Is that legal?

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How To Press Charges After An Assault - The Law Dictionary


People can press charges after an assault by filing them with their local police ... How To Drop Charges Against Someone · How Long Do You Have To File A ...

How long do I have to press charges against someone for assaulting ...


It depends on the local police department. I would go and file charges and push them to prosecute. It sounds to me like you have some stupid ...

How long do I have till I can press charges against someone?


Dec 20, 2011 ... So today someone threatened to come to my house and fight me. This has been going on for at least a couple weeks and they finally came to ...