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The caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event in which competitors toss a large tapered pole called a "caber". It is normally practised at the Scottish ...

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Jul 28, 2007 ... Sebastian Wenta tossing the caber at the 2007 Callander Highland ... how the fuck is this guy so strong, tossing 80 kilos like a toy, he can ...
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May 30, 2011 ... +ConcludedFever9 Scoring is based on how the caber lands. ... or the run before a long jump or javelin... but this guy does it while carrying a ...
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Dec 3, 2006 ... Caber Tossing. quizbo707. SubscribeSubscribed ... Daniel Mckim ( World Champion ) Caber Toss ... The clock strikes 12 - Duration: 0:57. by ...

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Apr 15, 2007 ... A traditional caber is around 16–20 feet (5–6 m) long and weighs around 80–130 pounds .... How do find a girl's weight using her dimensions?

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A Scottish athletic event consisting in throwing a “caber,” a straight, approximately 17-foot- (5-metre-) long log (from which the bark has been removed) so that it ...

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The caber, a long wooden pole similar to a telephone pole, normally weighs over 150 pounds, is about 18 feet long, and nine inches thick. (According to the ...

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Before throwing the caber a competitor is allowed to take as long a run as needed, ... illegal throws ranked based on how close to 90 degrees the caber reached.

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Well the gents who participate in the Scottish sport of caber tossing prove that it can be done. The caber toss is a popular segment of any Highland Games.

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Caber Toss. No Scottish games competition is complete without a caber toss. This special event is practiced by strong men and involves throwing a long wooden ...

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Apr 30, 2010 ... A caber is a pole approximately 18 feet long that weighs ... If you don't throw it properly, the score is based on how close you are to that 12 ...

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Any throwing style may be used as long as the rules are followed and the style ... view is drawn below in Figure 3 to demonstrate some turned cabers and how to ...

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The Caber is a tree that has been cut and trimmed down so one end is ... A judge behind the thrower calls how close to the 12:00 position the small end of the ...

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or how about, "You'll have to get clearance from the AD first. .... The long and heavy cabers require the field experience, the technique and the strength to make ...

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Apr 29, 2013 ... Competitors have to throw a long, heavy log so it rotates or flips in flight ... How far it's thrown doesn't matter, but accuracy and style points are ...