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A boxcar is a North American railroad car that is enclosed and generally used to carry freight. ... The most common boxcars are 50'-6" to 60'-9" in length, 9'-4" to 9'- 6" wide, and 10'-10" to 11' high. A hi-roof boxcar is 13' in height. These are ...


A railroad car or railcar (American and Canadian English), railway wagon or railway carriage ... Long-distance trains often require baggage cars for the passengers' luggage. In European practice it used to be common ... Combine car: combined passenger car and boxcar in one wagon. Flatcar (or flat): for larger bulky loads.


They vary by several feet in height and several inches in length and width. there ... All my life I judged everything by a 40 foot boxcar( lived in a railway town) but ...


Similar to the 50' standard boxcar but 10' longer in interior length. All cars are equipped with cushioned underframes and doors come in several configurations.


BNSF RAILWAY. BOX CAR 50 FT. 286 GRL. BNSF 728400-728999. GENERAL ... Trinity Ind Plant 372 Length Over Couplers. 58' - 6 1/2'' Bols. Patt./ AAR Code.


The M&H concept is often credited as being the first type of boxcar and the railroad went on to build a small fleet of the cars, which could be loaded from one end ...


The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida's boxcar was acquired in ... This boxcar was in the service of the German Railway System during the ... Q. What was the average length of time someone spent in a boxcar?


Outside Length of Car, Range from 55 to 60 feet. Cubic Capacity, Range from 4,950 to 7,300 cubic feet. Gross Weight on Rail, Range from 263,000 to 286,000  ...


72' 3" Refrigerated Boxcar unit comes with satellite monitoring and is connected to a 450-gallon diesel fuel tank. ... boxcar features an insulated plug door that is 11'-3 ½” high and 12'-0” wide. ... Height, Top of Rail to Threshold, 4' 3.125".


Jan 16, 2008 ... A hi-roof boxcar is 13' in height. These are inside dimensions. Corresponding exterior dimensions would be 55'-5" to 67'-11" in length, and ...