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The word count is the number of words in a document or passage of text. Word counting may ... Hyphenated permanent compounds such as "follow-up" (noun) or "long-term" (adjective)...

How Long Should a Book Be? -- Word Count For Books Explained


Oct 24, 2012 ... Well—remember the first Harry Potter book? It wasn't that long. After JK made the publishing house oodles and oodles of money, she could do ...

How long should my novel be? - Writers & Artists


When writing a novel, how do you know when to stop? Here, we take a look at typical novel lengths and what appeals to publishers.

How long is a novel, book, chapter or synopsis | WW


A short novel is 60,000 words long. A really dazzling literary debut could be a tad shorter than that, but golly gosh, you'd need to dazzle. A novel of average ...

Editorial Ass: is there a word count cap for a debut novel?


Jun 9, 2009 ... Hi Moonie, Could you tell me - are there big word count issues for a first novel? .... It was an excellent novel, great story, but it was just too long.

Fiction Factor - How Long Should Your Story Be?


word count, story length, novel length, word counts. ... One common question asked by many writers is: "How long should my story be?" The simplest answer is : ...

How Long Is A Novel? - Daily Writing Tips


Before the advent of ebooks, modern fiction writers concerned themselves chiefly with two lengths: long (novels) and short (short stories). With the advent of ...

Average Book Length: Guess How Many Words Are In A Novel


Mar 9, 2012 ... According to Amazon's great Text Stats feature, the median length for all books is about 64,000 words. The figure was found through looking at ...

Word Count and Story Length | Better Storytelling


Beginning writers usually create a story that's just too long for a novel. But rejection letters rarely explain the reason the agent isn't interested in representing ...

What Is the Ideal Novel Length? | Novel Writing Help


If you search the internet for novel length, you will mostly receive the ... Long novels can be pruned by a good editor, or perhaps even released as two books.

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Word count by genre: How long should my book really be ...


Apr 5, 2015 ... Publishers and agents are typically inundated with manuscript submissions from authors seeking publication. And as a result, 'the authorities' ...

5. How Long Should a First Novel Be? - Utterances of an ...


Apr 30, 2011 ... When you read novels do you look for books of a certain size? Is your favorite novel long, short, or somewhere in between? I ask this because, ...

Word Count: How Long Should A Book Be?


Likewise, someone buying a romance novel to read on vacation may want something at least long enough to last through an entire day of sunbathing or a long ...