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Blinking is a semi-autonomic rapid closing of the eyelid. A single blink is determined by the ... The duration of a blink is on average 100-150 milliseconds according to UCL researcher and between 1...

Average duration of a single eye blink - Human Homo sapiens ...


Apr 25, 2008 ... ID, 100706. Property, Average duration of a single eye blink. Organism, Human Homo sapiens. Range, 0.1-0.4. Units, sec. Reference, link.

Re: How fast does an eye blink? - MadSci Network


Nov 19, 1998 ... Brent: The average time it takes for a complete human blink is about 300 to 400 milliseconds or 3/10ths to 4/10ths of a second. Of course this is ...

How long can a person go without blinking? | Reference.com


While there is no specific number that documents how long an average person can go without blinking, the current world record is 40 minutes 59 seconds.

Why Do We Blink So Much? Blinking Provides Mental Rest, New ...


Dec 30, 2012 ... Scientists have shown that the average person blinks 15-20 times per minute. That's up to 1,200 times per hour and a whopping 28,800 times ...

How often and why do people's eyes blink? - The Boston Globe


May 14, 2007 ... A blink lasts about a 10th of a second, and most people blink about 15 times a minute, or every 4 seconds.

High-Speed Camera Characterisation of Voluntary Eye Blinking ...

www.repository.cam.ac.uk/bitstream/handle/1810/244996/High Speed Camera Characterisation of Voluntary Eye Blinking Kinematics.pdf?sequence=1

average blinking speed and duration for voluntary blinking and compare it with data ... High-speed camera; voluntary blink; blink kinematics; blinking duration; ...

Why Do We Blink So Frequently? | Science | Smithsonian


Dec 24, 2012 ... The average person blinks some 15-20 times per minute—so ... into the video at random intervals that lasted roughly as long as a blink. In the ...

How Long Can You Hold a Stare Without Blinking? - CurioCity


So, why is it so hard not to blink? Well, to start with, we blink all the time without even noticing! The average adult human blinks every 4-6 seconds. Quick math: ...

Analysis of blink rate patterns in normal subjects. - NCBI


Mov Disord. 1997 Nov;12(6):1028-34. Analysis of blink rate patterns in normal subjects. Bentivoglio AR(1), Bressman SB, Cassetta E, Carretta D, Tonali P, ...

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How long does one take to blink? - Quora


Dec 29, 2014 ... It occurs “in the blink of an eye”… couldn't resist that. Really between 1/4 to 1/3 ... It depends on the person, but on average each blink can be 300-400 milliseconds. (0.001 second=1 millisecond). Written Dec 23, 2014.

How Long Is A “Blink of an Eye” Astronomically? – William M. Briggs


Oct 24, 2010 ... But if you're measuring the length of the blink with respect to an hour, the .... I recall a “study” in which the average eyeblink duration & blink rate ...

In the blink of an eye | MIT News


Jan 16, 2014 ... That's what the brain is doing all day long — trying to understand what we're looking at,” says Mary Potter, an MIT professor of brain and ...