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Joan Shakespeare (baptised 15 April 1569 – buried 4 November 1646) was the sister of William Shakespeare. ... He had many descendants. By the 18th ... In her story Shakespeare's sister is ...

How many Brothers and Sisters did William Shakespeare have


When were his brothers and sisters born? What were the names of Shakespeare's siblings? How many died during childhood? How did his brothers and sisters ...

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Everything we know about William Shakespeare's siblings. ... becoming a haberdasher, working in London as of 1597, and spending much of his time back in Stratford. ... Gilbert Shakespeare seems to have had a long and successful career as a ... Due to the fact that Shakespeare's children and his other siblings did not ...

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Profiles of Shakespeare's brothers and sisters and his own children. ... William was believed to have been born on Sunday, April 23, 1564, although .... Shakespeare's Theatre | Drama Terms | Essays | Analysis of the Sonnets | and Much More ...

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She was five years younger than him and much loved by him. ... What a sorrow it must have been for the teenaged William when she died from the Black Death aged .... Pictures & Portraits of Shakespeare: What Did Shakespeare Look Like?

How many brothers and sisters did William Shakespeare have


William Shakespeare had 3 brothers and 4 sisters. One, Joan, was named for an earlier sister who died as an infant.

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Mar 1, 2016 ... Discover Shakespeare's brothers and sisters in our handy guide. ... Much is known of Shakespeare's mother Mary Arden whose house ... It is believed that Gilbert would have attended school with William, being two years younger than him. ... did not receive an education like his brothers and he would have ...

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We know this from the earliest record we have of his life; his baptism which ... Of William's seven siblings, only Judith and four of his brothers survived to adulthood. ... The youngest daughter in her family, she inherited much of her father's .... that Stratford's celebrated playwright did not write any of the plays attr...

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A collection of frequently asked questions about William Shakespeare. ... Who were Shakespeare's mother, father and siblings? ... Did Shakespeare have descendants? .... How much do we know about 'the lost years' of Shakespeare's life?

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Since William Shakespeare lived more than 400 years ago, and many records from that ... Even without knowing everything about his life, fans of Shakespeare have ... surviving child; their first two children, both girls, did not live beyond infancy. ... brothers, Gilbert, Richard, and Edmund, and two younger sisters: Anne , who ...

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William Shakespeare Brothers & Sisters


There are no records of exact birth dates of the siblings, however the dates of .... of a child, by a much older woman, outside marriage must have caused immense ... had four children, William and Michael, although the other two did not survive.

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Facts and questions about William Shakespeare's mysterious life. ... Q: How many brothers and sisters did Shakespeare have? A: Four sisters and three brothers ...

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From about 1577, when William was 13, John Shakespeare suffered financial ... It is typical of the period that, though many references to John Shakespeare's activities ... Shakespeare's brothers and sisters ... (William, born 1564, died 1616. ) ... Edmund may have acted with one of these companies, or he could have been a ....