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May 13, 2016 ... Start with our guide to how many clams you'll need per person and how to ... If you are buying cherrystones, there will be 150 clams per bushel.


I just called Ginsbergs Foods and they are selling half bushels for $55.00 with 200 little neck clams in them.


Clams are "filter feeders": they pump water through their opened shells. This not .... "She ate so many Clams that her stomach rose and fell with the tide." -- Louis ...


In many cases, seafood sizes are not standard and will vary locally. ... One bushel of quahog clams yields approximately 8 pounds of meats (with liquor).


A bushel of soft shell clams weighs around 48 pounds, and the same amount of hard shell clams weigh about 60 pounds. Weight also varies depending upon ...


Sep 2, 2008 ... The quahog (pronounced coe-hog) is a species of hard-shelled clam and the one we most commonly enjoy in our chowders and po boys.


In Maine all clams in the intertidal zone are harvested by hand. ... The hod (or roller) is a 1/2 bushel basket, constructed with wood lathes or aluminum, ... of the hod in a push-up like position, enabling the hand digger to not bend over as much.


Buy live clams for wholesale. We carry many varieties of hard-shell, soft-shell, and seasonal clams including Quahogs, Steamers, Razors, and more!


Live clams should not smell bad. Since a “bushel” definition varies among suppliers, buyers recommend getting clams by the piece or by the pound instead.