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Mar 17, 2017 ... The U.S. Constitution does not dictate how presidential electors are to ... In California's Democratic primary, 475 pledged delegates were at stake, ... As of June 7, 2016, 52 California superdelegates were known to have expressed their ..... land for millions of Americans and immigrants for many decades.


Feb 10, 2017 ... Race Preview: With 55 electoral votes, California is the biggest prize in the Electoral College. Mrs. Clinton had a commanding lead heading ...


Mar 23, 2017 ... Participation in California's delegate selection process is open to all voters ... Voters who do so, will have the request noted on their voter file.


Candidates, polling and delegate information for the 2016 California Democratic Primary scheduled for June 7, 2016.


How do I join the California Delegation as a guest? How do I know if I'm a Delegate? When should I be in Cleveland? How much are the Delegation hotels ? ... If you are a delegate you should have received an email with the detailed bus ...


... official results. Official results for all of the Assembly Districts have been posted. ... Why be a DSCC (Democratic State Central Committee) Delegate? A DSCC ...


Under the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2016 Democratic National Convention, all .... California · June 7, primary, 546, 105, 53, 317, 71, 0.64%*, 27 ( of 53) ... While this group of delegates is unpledged, that does not mean that they cannot ... That is a result of the fact that the precinct level vote determines how many ...


Jul 29, 2016 ... California Delegates Walk Off the Floor of DNC in Protest of Hillary ... Many delegates also held signs reading "Ban Fracking Now," ... We were hoping for an apology, but since how she is, she'll never apologize for things that she ever does that cause destruction to our nation. ... We have broken hearts.


Apr 13, 2016 ... Potential district-level delegates had to file a form with the California ... Housing advocate: 'It's ridiculous to ask these families to pay this much.' ... These front- runners have different campaign styles and carry with them their ...


Apr 11, 2016 ... The focus of the presidential primary campaign has suddenly shifted. With weeks left, candidates sadly seem to be arguing less over the issues ...