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The exact number of crabs in a bushel depends on the size of the crabs, but a bushel of average-sized crabs is ... How many dozens are in one bushel of crabs ?

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Hard crabs are almost always sold by the dozen or by the bushel. ... to eat and work your way backwards to figure out how many bushels you will need to buy.

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Well, Crabguy, I guess the number per bushel would depend on the size of the crabs. More mediums will fit into a bushel then large. The rule ...

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Hard crabs are almost always sold by the dozen or by the bushel. ... of food, such as salads, hot dogs, chicken, etc., you'll probably need half as many crabs.

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Steamed crabs are available steamed & seasoned to perfection. Blue crabs are available by the dozen, half bushel and bushel. Offers cooking, steaming and ...

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How many people would a bushel of average sized blue crabs feed? ... 'mixed', they're probably mediums, so maybe 7 or 8 dozen per bushell.

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How many ears of corn are there in an average acre, if there are 7,280,000 kernels in 100 bushels? How many rows of corn are there in one bushel? If a pound ...

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How Many? ... Weight per bushel (lb) ... on federal standards and can be used as general guidelines when purchasing these commodities in bushel quantities." ...

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Conversion chart for bushel (U.S. Dry Measure, capicity and volume). Instant units and measurements conversion, metric conversion and other systems. Many  ...