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Also, when the eyes move, there is often a blink; the blink is thought to help the eye ... of adults; in fact, infants only blink at an average rate of one or two times in a minute. ... more sleep t...

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Mar 19, 2014 ... Babies blink far less than adults, only one or two times per minute. ... This is why many people experience dry, tired eyes when reading or ... Based upon what you now know about blinking, do you think it's a good metaphor?

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Aug 24, 2007 ... On average we blink 20 times a minute, so around 1200 times an hour, but you don't blink when asleep, as your eyes are already closed.

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If you're keen on taking optimal care of your eyes and vision, I encourage you ... One of the reasons why many of us don't blink as often as we should is that we ... two to four seconds, which translates to about fifteen to thirty blinks per minute. ... Frequent blinking may not sound like it can do much for your health, but it'...

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Feb 25, 1999 ... PERHAPS THE more interesting thing about blinking is that we do it more frequently than is necessary to cleanse and moisten the cornea.

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Aug 1, 2014 ... Currently voted the best answer. Vote for this answer. On average, a person blinks 16 times per minute. A 16 hour day = 15360 blinks

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Jul 22, 2011 ... Additionally, a study found that children blink more frequently as they ... thus don't need to lubricate their eyes as frequently as adults do. ... a blink-inducing device worn on the head that makes you look like a lunatic person.

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How many times does a person blink per day? .... If you are an athlete, your heart is trained to beat more slowly. ... How many times a minute do you blink?

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Mar 4, 2013 ... Wee ones (counting on fingers): Kids blink more often as they get older. If you blink 4 times per minute but your big cousin blinks twice as often, how many times per minute ... Don't worry; we hate spam as much as you do.

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Nov 16, 2014 ... Humans Do NOT Blink 100-200 Times Per Minute - But Alien Shapeshifter DO ... None of you knows a human personally that blinks 200 times a minute .... my youngest and really paid attention to how many times they blinked.

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Dec 24, 2012 ... For someone reading, blinking often occurs after each sentence is finished, .... less frequent until it happens only when you decide to blink.

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This is a very good question but it does not have a simple answer because blink rate in humans varies tremendously – from 2 to 50 blinks per minute depending ...

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Dec 30, 2012 ... That's up to 1200 times per hour and a whopping 28800 times in a ... Scientists have shown that the average person blinks 15-20 times per minute. That's up to 1,200 times per hour and a whopping 28,800 times in a day--much more often than we need to keep our eyeballs lubricated. .... Suggested For You ...

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Typically, a human blinks 15 to 20 times per minute though some medical conditions may result in blinking at a rate noticeably outside the normal range.

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May 14, 2007 ... A blink lasts about a 10th of a second, and most people blink about 15 times a minute, or every 4 seconds. ... Similarly, you may well blink in the presence of irritants like freshly cut onions or tear gas. Blink rates vary quite a bit ...