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A fly-killing device is used for pest control of flying insects, such as .... the continuous current will roast and kill the fly. Many flyswatters have a three-layer grid to prevent people from touc...

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Apr 9, 2010 ... While ATV riding in Moab, my "friends" told me the electric fly swatter felt just like a 9 volt battery on your tongue. NOT!
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Apr 17, 2016 ... In this video I show you how to slap a supercharger on a electric fly swatter. eBay High voltage module: http://tinyurl.com/zplwjqg eBay 18650 ...

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Amazon.com : BugKwikZap Bug Zapper Electric Fly Swatter / Model ... Zap-It! Bug Zapper - Electric Mosquito, Fly Killer and Bug Zapper Racket - 2000 Volt .... There are so many things I love about this electrified bug zapper/racket but I'll tell ...

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Using an electric fly swatter/zapper racket as a high voltage source. ... They cost only around $8 or 4 euros and can be found in many stores including Walmart, Home Depot and Maplin as well as online. ... The voltage is around 1400 volts.

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Sep 11, 2011 ... the zapper puts out a couple of thousand volts. the tester in the picture ... means that the capacitor of a 1000 V flyswatter should be less than 45 nF. ... You might need many megaohms of resistance in the divider to stop any ...

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Feb 15, 2015 ... So how does an electric fly swatter work? The circuit ... Put another layer of 2 plastic squares on it. now Repeat 4-9 as much as you wish.

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It has an oscillator that includes a step-up transformer and a diode/capacitor voltage ... This creates a voltage of several hundred volts. It is rel... ... Pesky Fly That Fell Foul of the Electric Fly Swatter ... The circuit is a DC step up, likely an oscillator plus diodes ladder as the current needed is not too much.

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Jun 7, 2012 ... "7.99 electronic fly swatter on sale with the coupon for only $2.49, ..... you might use a 1:250 ratio transformer to convert 120v down to 0.5 volts at 200 amps. ... will create a "flyback" voltage of pretty much anything you want.

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Amazing deals on this Electronic Fly Swatter at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices.

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... you how to convert a weak store-bought electric fly zapper into a 15 Million Volt powerhouse that can ... How many volts was the bug zapper before modifying?

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I opened my electric fly swatter to see how it worked. I was curious about how it could convert 3VDC (2*D batteries) into the quoted 1500V.

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Electric Fly Swatter - the electric fly swatter will zap any fly or mosquito with 1500 ... powerful 2400 volt bug zapper to easily handle those pests and many more.