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75 Customer Service Stats and Facts you Can't Afford to Ignore


News of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise ... Source: “The Cost of Poor Customer Service” by Genesys Global Survey, 2009 ... Your company should invest heavily in measuring customer satisfaction over ...

What Bad Customer Service Costs Your Business [Infographic]


Apr 4, 2013 ... Bad customer service hurts your business. ... “You can't improve what you don't measure,” goes one of the most famous quotes in business.

7 Ways Customer Support Affects Your Bottom Line - Talkdesk


May 15, 2014 ... Below are 7 reasons why customer support can affect your bottom line: ... mistake has the ability to drive customers away and cost your business a lot of cash. ... In fact, twice as many people hear about a bad customer service ...

What Does Poor Customer Service Cost Your Company?


Aug 19, 2015 ... Calculating poor customer service cost is a must for those wanting to ... how much a failure to achieve FCR actually costs your company will ...

The Cost of Bad Customer Service [Infographic] - Salesforce Blog


Jul 25, 2013 ... It is one thing to trumpet your commitment to customer service and quite another to. ... Bad customer service can cost you money in the short term (through ... of repeat business) and will make attracting new customers so much ...

Cost of poor service - the economic truths - CTMA


The success of a business, a government department or a public sector body, ... For public sector organisations, poor service can significantly increase costs and ... Research shows that as many as 50% of your customers may actually be ...

How Does Poor Customer Service Affect a Business? | Koushik ...


Jul 29, 2014 ... Poor customer service has the potential to cost your business ... A reputation for poor service can be hard to shake. It can ..... “If disruption theory is correct, Tesla's future holds either acquisition by a much larger incumbent or a ...

The True Cost Of Bad Customer Service [Infographic] - socialmouths


Mar 29, 2013 ... What is Bad Customer Service Costing Your Business? Many companies make the mistake to only focus on the obvious, is the phone ... as an opportunity to enforce your customer satisfaction, this could very well translate into ...

How Lack of Customer Service Can Impact a Business | Chron.com


Bad customer service can lead to a bad ending for your business. customer service ... It costs less to retain current customers than it does to attract new ones.

The Cost of Bad Customer Service - KISSmetrics


Bad customer service has got to be the fastest way for a business to lose ... The graphic below will show you the actual cost of all this bad customer service that we ... Please use your real name and a corresponding social media profile when  ...

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How Much Can Poor Customer Service Cost Your Business? Read On


Apr 9, 2014 ... You might not realize just how great an impact poor customer service can have on your company's bottom line - it's a big one.

The true cost of bad customer service | Desk.com


Bad customer service can be detrimental to your business. What's considered bad service? It's automated self-service, long wait times, poor attention, and ...

How Does Poor Customer Service Affect a Business? | Business ...


Poor customer service has the potential to cost your business customers before they even buy a thing. When new patrons walk into a business and find ...

What is the Cost of Poor Customer Service? - Provide Support


Apr 6, 2015 ... Lots of brands have gone out of business because of poor customer service. ... By introducing an efficient customer service strategy your business will ... much time and effort or your CS agents just do not want to do the job ...

What Bad Customer Service is Costing Your Business | Help Scout


Is bad customer service creating a leak in your business, letting potentially loyal customers slip away?