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The Bearded Collie, or Beardie, is a herding breed of dog once used primarily ... their pets in a "puppy cut" haircut, which reduces (but does not eliminate) the need ... The website Sheph...

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How much experience in dogs does the breeder have? ... Prorating the initial cost of the dam ($1000 – divided by, say, 3 litters = $333); her medical tests and ...

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Bearded Collie issues with owning this herding dog. ... Also, if a Beardie does get an upset tummy and diarrhea - it can get caught in the long hair under their tail ...

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Nov 8, 2010 ... Do Bearded Collies get along with children? ... Higher cost does not necessarily equate to higher quality, however also beware of 'bargain basement' prices. Breeding ... How much exercise does a Bearded Collie require?

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Bearded Collies: the most honest dog breed review you'll ever find about Bearded Collie temperament, personality, and behavior.

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Bearded Collie puppies for sale, Bearded Collie dogs for adoption and Bearded Collie dog breeders. Find the perfect Bearded Collie puppy at

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... Collie breeders. Ask questions and learn about Bearded Collies at ... How much on average does a Bearded Collie puppy for sale cost?

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Local Bearded Collie rescue and adoption to help you find a pet. ... Before you adopt a Bearded Collie, consider how much time your new family member will .... If you have contact info for a shelter in one of these places that does not have pets ...

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Dec 18, 2008 ... Best Answer: Make sure you ONLY get a Champion bred bearded Collie, fresh off the show ring. Anything else is total crap. A "cheap" one will ...

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Oct 16, 2003 ... Back to: rec.pets.dogs: Bearded Collies Breed-FAQ ... even affectionate-but his bad side is becoming too much he thinks he is the alpha dog. ... in the woods he will come to a whistle- yet he does not understand "No bite" at all.

Popular Q&A
Q: How much does a Bearded Collie cost?
A: Usually £400-£500 depending on the dog's pedigree. Read More »
Q: How much does a bearded dragon cost?
A: they cost about £100-£150 in a regular shop but there are some good offers going around. In america it's 100$-150$ Read More »
Q: How much does a pure breed Border Collie cost?
A: Pure bred Border Collies cost around $1800. That is if you want a borde... Read More »
Q: How much does a border collie cost from a breeder?
A: Breeders will charge you whatever they think the market will stand, and many breeders are not reputable, and really run puppy mills. I am a avid advocate that a... Read More »
Q: How much does a purebred border collie cost?
A: If you get a border collie from "working" lines 250-500 non-registered. If you get one from an American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club registered breeder w... Read More »