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The shot put is a track and field event involving "throwing"/"putting a heavy spherical object .... In open competitions the men's shot weighs 7.260 kilograms ( 16.01 lb), and the women's ... Short throwers may benefit from the spin and taller throwers may benefit from the glide, but many throwers do not follow this guideline.

Jul 25, 2012 ... WSJ's Stu Woo gets two-time Olympic shot put medalist John Godina to show him how to... ... So many future Olympians in the comments .... They do all of the same stuff as olympic weight lifters, only they lift for a sport rather ...


WOMEN. Age. Shot Put. Discus. Hammer. Javelin. Weight. Middle School. Check with your local area for rules. High School. 4 kg. 1 kg. 4 kg. 600 gr. 20 lb. 35-49.


May 28, 2015 ... Shot putters come in all sizes and shapes. Eight-year-old girls and 80-year-old men can participate in the shot put, but they won't all throw the ...


Sizes of the shot and the ring from which it is thrown. ... Unlike the diameter of the circle or the size of the angle, this procedure does make use of whole numbers.


The metal ball used in adult men's shot put competition weighs 16 pounds, or 7.25 kilograms, while the ball used ... How much does a women's shot put weigh ?


The regulation weight of the metal ball in high school shot put is 12 pounds for boys and 8.8 pounds for girls. The ball must be thrown from within a 7-foot...


Throws Implement Specs, USATF Best Practices, Feb 14 (Credit: I. Ikstrums). Shot Put. Discus. Hammer. Javelin. Weight. Superweight. Men. Women. 56, 98, 200 ...


JUNIOR HIGH AND HIGH SCHOOL REGULATIONS. Girls. 7th. Boys. 7th. Girls. 8th. Boys. 8th. Girls HS. Boys HS. Shot Put. 6 lbs. 4.0 kg. (8.81 lbs). 6 lbs. 4.0 kg.


IAAF, Discipline, Shot put. ... century where competitors threw a rounded cube, stone or metal weight from behind a line. ... The rotational technique now used by many of the world's top throwers was first popularised .... 04 JUN 2017 Report Romani breaks South American shot put record in São Bernardo do Campo · Torie ...