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I'm a taxidermist in MI and I charge 375.00 this seems to be the going rate around here but I've heard that some taxidermists in other parts of ...


​This is what I found when I searched for 'How much does it cost to mount a deer head'. Anchor Prices (2011) – whitetail deer shoulder mount - $400


Whats the average cost to get a deer mounted today? ... those antlers on a deer head for the lowest price possible and as quickly as possible.


Oklahoma taxidermist Ken Bauman shares his thoughts on charging for taxidermy ... taxidermists and he informed me he gets $500.00 a head and does about 150 a year. ... Anyway lets look at how much it cost you to mount a whitetail deer.


Deer (Whitetail and Mule Deer) Head and Shoulder Mounts ... These prices are a special to our customers that have contacted for a high quality, shoulder mount ... Add $50 for 3D wall pedestal pose (does not include wall plaque). ... Add $50 for a table pedestal shoulder mount plus the additional cost of the pedestal chosen ...


May 10, 2009 ... Dom, these guys gave good answers but are you talking shoulder mount or full body mount? If it's full body mount I'd like to know too because I ...


The end result is that you have much more than a mount; you have an original ... We can make an average trophy look exceptional and an exceptional trophy, ...


Aug 6, 1999 ... What are your true cost on mounting a deerhead? Can you post the ... In South Dakota, for example the average cost is $250.00. Big difference.


Skull Cleaning Prices. European Skull Mount. PLEASE NOTE! Any protected or endangered ... Deer - Whitetail. Add $25 if lower jaw is included. $135. Elk.


A smiling buck with a MOHAWK i would think that costs extra! ..... The guy you gave a discount to on a deer head wants it on the pheasant he ...