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Pet Preservation Through Freeze Dry Technology A loving lasting alternative to cremation or burial preserve intact looking natural in pose of choice the results ...

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Click here to visit Taxidermy.net · Click here to make a payment to Xtreme Taxidermy using Pay Pal ... It may take up to 2 months for small pets or 6 months for large ones. The pet is ... What does freeze dry pet preservation cost? Answer:.

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Birmingham taxidermist Patrick O'Neal also invents products that help hunters. ... Prices do not include costs for a base. 1 205 999 4898Telephone: Home · Tree ...

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Feb 25, 2013 ... (If you're wondering, this process isn't simply pet taxidermy. ... That's a long time, so I said this is the least I can do for him. ... preserving pets 10 pounds or less costs $850, and the rate increases by $40 for each additional pound. ... to preserve LA, but Haylee considers it a small way to repay her ...

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Mar 1, 2012 ... A pet schnauzer preserved with a freeze-drying technique at Mac's Taxidermy ... Many taxidermists use freeze-dryers to preserve small animals or fish. ... The freeze-drying technique leaves animals looking much as they did in life, ... The process costs hundreds of dollars for even the smallest animals, and ...

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Jan 5, 2012 ... Odd things people do with the dead bodies of companion animals ... Taxidermy and freeze-drying are two ways to preserve an animal's body in perpetuity. ... Maybe this service appeals especially to people with small pets, like cats ... Ody would probably cost about $6500 plus shipping and veterinary costs.

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Once this process is completed the pet you love so much will be with you forever.. .. Why not choose traditional taxidermy over Freeze Drying? ... forms, however they require a long lead-time and a higher cost is incurred. How long does it take ? ... birds, wide range of fish, lizards, large and small dogs and cats to name a few.

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May 6, 2013 ... ÔÇ£We do everything right here in the shop, including the posing. ... Cats and Taxidermy: We Interview a Taxidermist About Pet Preservation ... A whole mounting starts at $1,000; the final cost depends on ... The moisture removal can take a long time — as long s a few months for an average-size cat.

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Pricing on Taxidermy Services. ... Below are prices for my most commonly mounted species. ... (Small, up to 15") - $18.00 per inch ... I do not know the " personality" of your unique pet and therefore can only attempt to recreate ... pieces of driftwood, logs, stumps, etc with their mount if they wish to incorporate it at...

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Dogs. " £1100. Rabbit. " £450. Guinea Pigs. " £220. Hamsters, Gerbils ... Little Owl, £140 ... mounts and dead game) using the latest up to date equipment and materials, not to be confused with the work produced by commercial taxidermists.