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What are your average small square bale weights? I am used to a bale ... can dry out further. I opened a bale and it's not wet but that is some heavy hay right? I guess more for my money. Is that a normal weight for a bale???


Knowing the weight of the bale of hay is very important especially for farmers who ... Without knowing the average weight of both rectangular and round bales of ...


When buying or selling bales of hay or baleage, one should know the tonnage ... As a result, the only choice may be to estimate the average weight of the bales.


Bale weight affects not only the amount of hay be- ... bale weight by using a 5' × 5' bale that weighs 1,100 .... To determine the average bale weight, divide the.


There are generally two types of hay bales. With quite different weights. The most common ones that people buy at feed stores or the farmer, and can.


The large 3x3x8, 3x4x8 and 4x4x8 "square" bales run maybe 800 to... ... How much does it cost to purchase one cotton bale? Where do farmers of big hay farms ...


A typical three-string bale of hay weighs 100 to 140 pounds and has dimensions of 22 ... How many bales of hay are in a ton? ... How does a bale bed work?


Many horse owners don't know exactly how much energy and protein their roughage contains and how much they ... An average bale of hay weighs 15 to 18 kg.


If you are overfeeding, not only does your horse gain weight but you are also ... check the bale weight and average number of flakes per bale for each hay load.