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How much does a college student spend on groceries? | Reference ...


A typical college student's grocery costs range from $80 to $200 a month. Within this range, there are a couple of factors to consider when predicting a college ...

Amount of Spending Money a College Student Needs


Food (assuming that most meals are eaten on campus), $500-$1,000 ... Since many college students work, and earn an average of $5,000 to $6,000 annually,  ...

13 Ways College Students Waste Money And Opportunities - Forbes


Aug 21, 2013 ... College graduates with the average $27,000 in student loan debt can end up ... New Grads, Here's How To Spend Your Money Every Month ... Food: Dinner out on campus can easily cost $15 to $20 a person and a fast food ...

How much do you spend on food each month? | Student Doctor Network


I also buy a lot of fresh fruit, which is expensive for how much food you actually get. ... living expenses in college), but now we are in a pretty tight financial ... bunch of premeds spending $150-200 on food / per month? what do ...

College/Poor Redditors: How much do you spend per week on ...


Mar 23, 2015 ... College/Poor Redditors: How much do you spend per week on ... as the title says: I am trying to cut back my weekly food costs, and I was wondering how much you guys spend on food every week (if ..... I am a college student.

How Much Does College Cost? – Wells Fargo


When it comes to figuring out how much college will cost, tuition is just the beginning. ... or apartment costs, water, electricity/gas, cable, Internet, phone, groceries, snacks, ... Personal expenses and transportation (average annual cost $3,215): ... Take advantage of student discounts on meals at restaurants, movie tickets, ....

How Much Money Do You Spend on Food Every Month? - Lifehacker


Apr 8, 2015 ... Food is one of our largest regular expenses, and yet the one with the most wiggle room. Let's talk about food spending.

A Look at the Spending Habits of College Students - StateUniversity ...


The typical college student gets an average of $757 a month from jobs, parents or other ... College students spend most of their discretionary income on food.

How Much Do You Spend on Groceries Each Month? — Reader ...


Apr 1, 2015 ... We regularly ask readers to share how much they spent on a given item, service, project, or upgrade in the home. We hope this information ...

Five Money-Drainers That College Students Should Nix | Fox Business


Mar 16, 2012 ... But let's face it: College students spend in other areas besides ... coffee, tea and soda in higher quantities at grocery stores, students can save a lot of ... with an average of $4,138 in card debt, an increase of 44% from 2004.

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What does the average college student spend on? | The State News


Apr 20, 2015 ... I wasn't surprised to find that I spend most of my money on eating out, ... Dining out costs me on average of just under $16 — $15.83 to be ... Gas and food are necessities that probably cost me about $200 a month altogether.

How much money do you spend on food each month for yourself on ...


I tend to spend $150-$200 dollars a month on groceries, and that's basically eating at home for all meals. I am a 20 year old college student and I cook food, ...

How College Students Save And Spend Money (INFOGRAPHIC)


Nov 8, 2012 ... Do you spend more than a thousand bucks just getting to class every year? Have you spent ... Starbucks To Stop Throwing Out Perfectly Good Food By 2019 ... How College Students Save And Spend Money (INFOGRAPHIC) ... Stephen Colbert Thanks Anthony Weiner For Making His Job Much Easier.