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Jan 25, 2004 ... I always used to think that a dime bag was a $10 bag of weed. ... this doesn't mean how much weed is in the dime bag. for my favorite dealer, .... An 1/8th is called an 1/8th, not a "dimebag" and does indeed weigh 3.5 grams.

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hey guys i was just wondering when u buy a dime bag of bud what is ... This is assuming you are paying the same rate for a dime bag that you do for an 8th. ... but a $10 bag of regular weed, weighs 2 grams not 1. it costs more ...

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Oct 6, 2015 ... A dime of weed will set you back ten bucks. That's it. No matter the weight a dime of weed is ten bucks. How much does a dime of weed weigh?

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Jan 9, 2010 ... Best Answer: a nickle is always 5 dollars and a dime is allways 10 the ... in a nickle it is average for there to be about .5 grams of good stuff more if it .... Losing the weight has also given me the strength to do something I never ...

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Jan 3, 2006 ... I am going to buy some scales and just wondered how much the baggie weighs? I am just wondering because when I go and collect I dont ...

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Usually, about 1/2 Gram or less here in Oregon [on the Street]. Its better to buy a $20 bag, ... on Oct. 1, 2015], I can't say what the weight of a dime bag will be, or even if dimes will be sold. It would ... How much does 1 gram of marijuana cost?

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A dime is 3.5 grams in weight, and would probably go $50-60. ... I would say go out and ask your dealer how much it would cost, not the forums. ... well a dime is usually 10 bucks of weed but i would have to say its goona be $20 for a gram or ...

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[Archive] Marijuana Prices/Weights Coffee Table. ... damn well in my state , a dime is .5 wich is $10 dub is alaways $20 and weighs out to bout .8 ,.9 ..... Best thing to do I found was when my friends had a bag of mj, ask them ...

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Sep 15, 2013 ... My friends and I consider how much marijuana you get for $20 in a given area to be the ... One of the first things that I do when I meet new marijuana consuming ...... here in Alberta we get 2g for $20 (or as we call it, 2 dime-bags) ... We get whats called an 8th for £20 ($25-$30) usually weighs between 1.6 ...

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Usually between .5 and 2 grams however it depends on the quality of the marijuana, where you live, and dealer.

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how much does dime bags,? 20 sacks? half oz? and Oz weight out to?

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A dime is just how much weed is worth 10$. ... Until you buy in weight there really is nothing you can do about getting ripped off except not ...

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Also, if a quarter is called a “quad”, then how much does a “quart” weigh? Reply ..... The term dime bag refers to a $10 sack of weed and not a specific amount.