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The shot put is a track and field event involving "throwing"/"putting a heavy spherical .... In open competitions the men's shot weighs 7.260 kilograms (16.01 lb), and the ... Another purpose of the spin is to build up a high rotational speed, ... from the spin and taller throwers may benefit from the glide, but many throwers do not ...


WOMEN. Age. Shot Put. Discus. Hammer. Javelin. Weight. Middle School. Check with your local area for rules. High School. 4 kg. 1 kg. 4 kg. 600 gr. 20 lb. 35-49.


Feb 14, 2014 ... High School. 12 lb. 4 kg. 1.6 kg. 1 kg. 800 g. 600 g ... Shot Put. Discus. Hammer. Javelin. Weight. Superweight. Men. Women. 56, 98, 200 lb.


The regulation weight of the metal ball in high school shot put is 12 pounds for boys and 8.8 pounds for girls. The ball must be thrown from within a 7-foot...


In men's college and professional competition, the weight of the ball increases to 16 pounds.... ... How much does a high school shot put weigh?


Sep 11, 2017 ... Shot put weights and dimensions are determined by the National Federation of State High School Associations, USA Track and Field and the ...


... grade does anyone know what weights of the shot and discus are. ... It is unfair that the womens weight does not increase after high school.


Sizes of the shot and the ring from which it is thrown. ... shot put. Share this page ... Women, high school through age 49, 4 kilograms, 95-110 mm. ... Unlike the diameter of the circle or the size of the angle, this procedure does make use of ...


I have been throwing the shot put for 10 years and have had the opportunity ... There are also many books and videos out there that do a great job of ... The shots vary in size and weight from the men's 16-pound shot to the women's 4- kilogram shot. High School Boys throw a 12-pound shot while the high school girl's shot is ...