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An overview on Pyrite Jewelry and Gemstones. Covers details and essential information on the physical properties and characteristics of Pyrite gemstones.

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Rich nuggets of top quality Fool's gold (Iron Pyrite). Each piece is approximately . 25"-1.5" and there are about 20-25 pieces per pound. Item #: 208a Price: $9.45 ...

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After all, mistakenly identifying Pyrite as Gold is a rookie mistake. Fortunately, a few ... If the sample shatters, it is Pyrite. ... How much gold is gold worth? How to ...

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Beautiful Pyrite for sale online. ... Price (USD). $ ... Pyrite is actually consists of metallic crystal grows in cubes, disulfide of iron, and the, nodules, masses of tiny  ...

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Because it's very mineralogically common (in relation to gold), and because it lacks many of gold's useful and desirable qualities.

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My father asked me why I wanted so many samples of the same thing, so I told him. After he ... Sorry, honey it isn't worth a fortune," he told me. That's ok as I did  ...

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Price: 'B' grade, 7p per gram. Pyrite, also known as Iron Pyrite is another stone of remarkable appearance. Once seen it is not difficult to see why it is also known ...

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About the same as any other dirt. "Fool's Gold" may look like gold in the ground, but it can't be refined or formed into jewelry.it about worth £5.00.

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It depends. Pyrite (or "fool's gold) is a mineral that can contain 0.25 percent or more of gold. If a pyrite sample contains this amount, and assuming the price of ...

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Fool's gold is the informal name given to the mineral iron pyrite, sometimes just called "pyrite". ... Many old time prospectors and miners used to be fooled by this into thinking they had discovered valuable gold deposits. ... What's It Worth?

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Fool's gold is Pyrite. One ounce wouldn't be worth much, since you can buy chunks of Pyrite online 2 or 3 dollars. I guess that's why it's called ...

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If pyrite contains 0.25% gold and the gold price is $1500 per troy ounce, then one ton of pyrite will contain about 73 troy ounces of gold worth over $109,000.

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Find great deals on eBay for Pyrite Crystals in Crystal Display Specimens. Shop with confidence. ... or 1 13/16" from side to side! This piece is much nicer .