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Jan 2, 2013 ... Many youngsters have heard, and perhaps even fallen for, the classic teaser: ... Which is worth more: a pound of quarters or a pound of dimes?

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May 23, 2011 ... Which means one pound of quarters (which individually weigh 5.67g), ... the whole thing and come up with a reasonable estimate on the worth!

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Subject: how much is 1 lb. of quarters worth. Category: Miscellaneous Asked by: wakomba-ga. List Price: $2.00 ... Subject: Re: how much is 1 lb. of ...

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... their face value works out like this:Pound of quarters: $20.00Pound of dimes: ... respective counting fees associated with each type of coin are worth it or not.

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There are 80 U.S. quarters in one pound. The weight of one ... What quarters are worth more than their face value? ... How much are 1911 gold sovereigns? Q: ...

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According to Wikipedia, a quarter (5.670 g) weighs almost exactly 2.5 times more than a dime ... Because many coin-ops accept quarters but not dimes. ... So as you can see, a pound of quarters is theoretically worth the same as a pound of ...

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Assuming the question is about US pounds as a unit of weight andnot British pounds as a unit of money: US quarters weigh 0.2 US oz.

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The Oklahoma State University - Department of Chemistry illustrates that one pound of quarters are worth $19.90 or $19.75 in quarters using the.

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Comment: Is is true that in US currency, a pound of dimes, quarters, and half- dollars in any combination is worth $20?

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(How many will give me a hard time for putting the question at the end of the video?) Sequel ... How much money is 1 lb of quarters worth? How much money is 1 ...