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Dec 27, 2013 ... “We buy a sterling silverware set pretty much every week,” said Stephen ... I recently inherited my mother's sterling silverware and also did not feel the need to ... Eight-setting sets can vary widely in weight and therefore value.


Mar 15, 2011 ... Is your silver flatware plated or sterling? The difference could mean sentimental vs. financial value. Manhattan Gold & Silver can help recycle ...


Sterling flatware always retains it intrinsic silver value & usually a value also as tableware. Silver plate has ... Yes, there are many countries that use a lower purity than 92.5% pure. German ... How do I clean my Sterling Flatware? Most of the ...


Sterling Silver: Sterling is stamped on the back with the word Sterling. ... in it to have value to someone to melt down and generally does not have much resale value. ... the flatware and other pieces usually maintain their resale value and desirability. ... I got them off my great aunt 46 years ago and she had them for approx.


Want to know what your sterling flatware is likely to be worth on eBay, ... Since then spot market prices for pure silver have doubled, but prices for flatware have not climbed as much. .... This was my second big purchase of sterling flatware.


Apr 4, 2017 ... Considering scrap value for sterling silver? This online price guide helps you value your sterling silver wares before you destroy a valuable ...


There are basically five places to consider when you'd like to sell your sterling flatware. ... But you must keep in mind that they're only buying it for the specific value of the ... Chances are they will sell your Silver Sterling Matching Service ( see below). ... Two examples of how you do much better selling your silver to a Silver ...

Oct 24, 2011 ... With so many different types of sterling silver flatware it can be very hard to determine just how much your flatware may be worth. Whether it's ...


Jul 8, 2010 ... I want to sell my sterling silver flatware set. ... be able to assess whether the set has much market value or if it is better to sell for its melt value.


Apr 18, 2014 ... Gorgeous old silver flatware, trays, bowls, pitchers and tea sets may be more ... A wide array of businesses buy household silver, and many offer considerably less than your silver is worth. ... that 925 of a possible 1,000 parts are sterling silver, Yvaska says. ... Value My Stuff also charges $10 per appraisal.