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Find answers about Coinstar fees and where the nearest kiosk is located. Learn which gift cards are accepted at Coinstar Exchange, and how to find a kiosk.


Apr 3, 2017 ... Coinstar's fee is currently set at 10.9 percent of the value of the coins you're exchanging. ... Coinstar limits how much change you can swap out for a gift card so it pays to know what ... Do not deposit Eisenhower dollar coins.


Did you know Coinstar charges a 11.9% fee to be able to deposit your coins and get ... I hate how it's so much of a pain to deposit or exchange real legal tender. ..... along with another blog, Eyes on the Dollar, which is another great personal ...

May 14, 2016 ... USE COINSTAR WITHOUT LOSING MONEY!! HOW TO TURN IN COINS WITHOUT PAYING A FEE!!! ... Up next. Hacking coinstar so you don't have to pay the 8.9 cents on the dollar fee ... Bucket of coins, how much will it be?


Feb 20, 2007 ... Did you know Coinstar charges a 9% fee for sorting your cash if you're ... Then, when it asks you how much you want in cash and how much in ...


Coinstar kiosks at Walmart stores let you turn your coins into cash or no-fee eGift Cards ... You can cash it in at the checkout or use it for your Walmart purchase.


Mar 31, 2013 ... Even though they now charge sales tax in California, I always ... I'd like to think that my time is more valuable than rolling up 100 pennies for just a dollar haha. .... A pocket full of US change however doesn't amount to much any more. ... a local CU/bank that does it for free near me so Coinstar works great.


Sep 19, 2006 ... ... all of her cash without the usual percentage Coinstar takes from the top. ... But it's two dollars and ninety four cents. ... Having recently found out that Coinstar machines don't charge a fee if ... and disclaimers (“This coinstar transaction will be assessed a fee of: ... How Much Can You Get For A Gift Card?


Mar 14, 2011 ... For a whopping 9.8% fee, you can take your coins, have them ... happy to exchange your coins for dollar bills without charging a fee. ... Juggler, I think Flexo is saying that the Coinstar machines are often ..... the machine states that you will be losing a percentage and the buyer then has the option to proceed.


Mar 6, 2012 ... Coinstar charges a 10% fee – so why would I pay someone to give me $9 for $10 ? ... I knew I had at least *200 pennies and had no patience to do the counting. ... Pretty much a giftcard from any of the top brands. .... water cooler jugs of coins for counting which can end up being several thousands of dollars.