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May 1, 2017 ... If you've been appointed to serve as the Successor Trustee of Revocable Living Trust, then in most cases you'll be entitled to get paid.


Some trusts set out a flat or hourly fee for the trustee, but that's not too common. ... Many trustees do, and it's certainly appropriate to be paid for the real work that ...


Of course, professional trustees charge fees, and many banks and trust ... disability, does not have the capacity to oversee the trustee's performance. ... of law, and no trustee can be compelled to serve without the right to be paid for time spent.


The Trustee simply paid herself the $50,000, but did not sell the stock in the ... if you are the trustee, then just because you got to the house first does not mean ...


These fees are charged on an annual basis but are paid out of trust assets on a ... For a variety of reasons, there are times when a trustee does not take an ...


In most situations, the law assumes the trustor chose a fee amount for the trustee in good faith and does not interfere with the trustee fee agreement.


15681. If the trust instrument does not specify the trustee's ... to pay himself " reasonable compensation" without prior court order. The term ...


These duties may include paying the trust's bills and filing tax returns. ... Sometimes an irrevocable trust does not mention trustee compensation and the ...


How Much Should a Trustee of a Trust Be Paid? http://www.dreamstime.com/- image4662112. From the ... Reasonable Compensation for a Trustee in California.


Nov 10, 2011 ... A trustee will get paid based upon what the trust instrument provides. The trust might authorize a CPA or lawyer serving as trustee to be paid his ...