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' For natural dreadlocks without extensions or other services involved, we charge $300.00 for the first 6 hours, and $50.00 for each additional hour.'


Cost. 1. How much does a full head of dreads cost? 2. How much do you charge for extensions? 3. How much does it cost to have my ...


How much does a hair stylist charge to dread a whole head of hair that's 6 ... A: The cost of getting a dreadlock hairstyle started at a salon can be rather daunting.

Jul 9, 2015 ... Welcome to Dreadlocks Questions & Answers episode #62 Each week I ... sent in by the viewers and attempt to answer them as best as I can.


You want to know how much money you'll be spending to have your dreadlocks made, maintained or extended? How you determine a cost estimate?

Sep 17, 2012 ... My views and opinions on getting your dreads done at a salon. Main issues: many salons use damaging techniques and too much product ...


CLICK HERE FOR a rough guide for dreadlock prices, obviously it can vary a lot depending on what you are getting done.


Since the prices are set by our team members, this isn't something we can give a general answer to. The price depends on the time we need. Just send us a r.


Section size, dreadlock size, and overall outcome will depend on the texture, thickness and type ... is done to ensure they are locking properly and not shrinking up too much. ... This would cover the cost of hair, not installation of the extensions.


It depends on the technique, length of hair, type of hair etc. Plus location is a big factor to additional travel costs if you employ someone to come to ...