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May 6, 2013 ... Except we have to outsource the glass eyes. ... Often, pet owners will ask for a souvenir of their pet, a part — usually the hide ... Martinez Brothers charges cat owners $175 to $350 for a tanned hide, which is the same price as ...

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Pet Preservation Through Freeze Dry Technology A loving lasting alternative ... pose of choice the results are amazing and your pet can be with you always. ... pet owners to see, touch and hold their pets, and in a sense, "never have to let go .

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Feb 25, 2013 ... (If you're wondering, this process isn't simply pet taxidermy. Preservation is freeze -drying, which is much more expensive than taxidermy but leads ... pet owner named Haylee, who wanted to have her cat preserved. ... For example, the preservation of a 177-pound Alaskan Malamute cost its owner $7,530.

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Pricing on Taxidermy Services. ... If the species you have is not listed below, call or email to inquire about pricing. Professional .... I will create and sculpt a mannikin unique to your pet and traditionally mount the tanned skin over this form .

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Birmingham taxidermist Patrick O'Neal also invents products that help hunters. ... The balance is due on delivery. Use the Contact Us page to get more information or to setup an appointment. ... Prices do not include costs for a base. 1 205 999 ...

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Jan 5, 2012 ... The most important question we face after a pet has died is "What will happen to the body? ... Taxidermy and freeze-drying are two ways to preserve an animal's body in perpetuity. ... I'm guessing Ody would cost well over a thousand, ... CI reports that at the current time they have 58 pets and 31 pet DNA ...

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To make it easier to post and edit prices, I will be posting my price list here in .pdf format. ... General Price List - http://www.simpsontaxidermy.com/pricelist_17.pdf

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I know what it is to lose a beloved pet and understand that some would like to preserve it's ... bodies are cast to have the closest possible likeness of your pet. ... and ready for burial and may be picked up if you wish to do so at no extra charge.

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It is for these reasons that many taxidermists will decline to do pets. ... for a fee) whilst you make a decision about what you would like to do with your pet.

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Why not have your specimen mounted on one of my own cast artificial replica stones/rocks? ... not to be confused with the work produced by commercial taxidermists. ... This guarantees that it will reach me before 12pm the next day, an excellent service ... If specimens are required from my frozen stock, please email for a price.