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The Classic Car Club of America maintains that a car must be between 30 and 49 years old to be a classic, while cars between 50 and 99 fall into a pre-antique ...

When Does An Old Car Become A "Classic" Car? - Straight Dope ...

Somewhere I read that any car over 20 years old could be called a "Classic", and thus the value might start to go up instead of down. Does that ...

When Will My Car Be Considered a Classic?

Here's the simplest and broadest definition of a classic car: old. That's right, the one thing everyone can agree on is that for a car to be a classic it must be old.

Car Classifications: Antique, Vintage and Classic Car - CarsDirect

Nov 5, 2013 ... If you are thinking about getting involved in the world of "old" cars, you should learn the various car classifications: antique, vintage and classic.

Is my car vintage, classic - or just old? - The Globe and Mail

May 17, 2013 ... Caring car owner wants to know if and when his 'showroom condition' rides will become vintage vehicles.

Classic Car Insurance FAQ | Safeco Insurance

Classic cars must be at least 10 years old and can include modified antiques and limited production cars. Modern classic cars must be limited production cars ...

Classic, Vintage, Veteran, or just old cars? - HR Owen

Jun 11, 2014 ... When is a car a classic car or a vintage car rather than veteran or are they all just old cars? We look at the differences between some of these ...

Does My Vehicle Qualify? - Hagerty

See if your antique vehicle qualifies for one of Hagerty's trusted insurance policies, which includes classic cars, collector trucks, vintage motorcycles & scooters, ...

How old must a car be until it falls into the antique, or ...

Feb 16, 2008 ... It will be 10 years old soon. When could it be considered a classic or collectable car--or will it at all? Would antique or collectable status ...

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Q: How old does a classic car have to be and an antique car have to ...
A: In the United States, an antique car is generally one over 25 years of age, i.e. from the '20s-'70s. Read More »
Q: How to Find Old Antique Classic Muscle Car Parts ONLINE.
A: 1. Need a part to finish that Classic 1957 Chevy? maybe a Bracket to hold the headlight bezel on your 1967 GTX, A car cover for your corvette or just some Fuzzy... Read More »
Q: How to Sell old Classic Cars Online for a Good Price.
A: 1. A classic car is one that is produced in 1925-1960s. The car is considered "sporty" back then and it probably produced in limited quantities. Now, it has cea... Read More »
Q: How old must a car be to be a classic
A: Classic cars definition vary from state to state. But the Classic Car Club of America defines classic cars as cars that were built between 1925 & 1948. Read More »
Q: How old do you have to be to drive a classic car?
A: when u get ur drivers permit and up. see i want a 1970 Mustang mach 1 when u get ur drivers permit and up. see i want a 1970 Mustang mach 1 Read More »