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When Should You Get Your Dog Spayed or Neutered? ... no owner or guardian should be spayed or castrated before adoption into a new home as one of many  ...


May 26, 2016 ... If your female dog is unspayed, she will come into breeding season or "heat" for ... less desire to roam so has less risk of getting poisoned, hurt in a dog fight, or hit by a car. ... behavior in some dogs, especially if they are neutered before one year of age. ... At what age should a dog be spayed or neutered?


When he got his annual exam and shots, the vet said to leave him unneutered until he was two years old as "large-boned dogs get cancer if they are neutered ...


A spay surgery sterilizes and prevents female dogs from getting pregnant by ... She can be spayed any time after eight weeks of age, and preferably before her ...


So the next question is, "Should female dogs be spayed?" ... If your dog is spayed before 2-1/2 years old, she is less likely to develop mammary tumors ... You need to pay veterinary costs, and if anything goes wrong during the pregnancy or ...


Animals can be miserable -- and make you miserable -- when they are in heat. ... All the medical evidence suggests a dog should be spayed before her first heat.


Feb 17, 2011 ... It's commonly believed that neutering a male dog will prevent prostatic ... normal length at 8 months when a dog gets spayed or neutered, but the tibia, ... factor in how risky it is to leave your dog intact until he or she matures.


Are you afraid that your senior dog will be at greater risk for spay/neuter surgery? ... and any decision to spay/neuter your old dog should be made after careful consultation ... Keeping unwanted litters from being born and adding to the overpopulation ... Before your senior dog is spayed or neutered, however, your vet should ...


Jul 5, 2017 ... Refer to this spaying and neutering article to understand how ... often means pets should eat less food, though, or they can get pudgy. ... Adult dogs can be neutered at any age, but the best time is before sexual maturity.