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Jan 27, 2016 ... Parrots are the longest-lived order of birds: cockatoos and Amazonian parrots can reach the age of 75 or older. Even budgerigars live for 15‑25 ...

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If you want a pet that will spend a longer life with you, consider a large parrot. But have a plan ... Even the smaller macaws, like the Hahns macaw, can live up 60 years. If you want to ... Some African greys have lived to be older than 80 years of age. These gentle ... How Can I Stop My Parrot From Screaming at My Husband?

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Amazon parrots have an average lifespan of 50 to 70 years. Cockatiels, canaries ... How long does an African grey parrot live? ... Some live to be as old as 6.

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Jun 28, 2011 ... Among parrots known to live to ripe old ages, such as Amazons and Macaws, 50 years ... and other tiny birds under my care had been in the collection for 25-30 years. ... I can not recall reading information on previous Blogs.

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May 7, 2014 ... Other birds and mammals and fish and microbes manage to live longer. Some a lot ... 5. Parrots. With parrots, we skirt the edges of the human lifespan. ... Hanako, a fish that died in 1977, was believed to be 226 years old.

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As a general rule - the larger the parrot, the longer the lifespan. Macaws can live for over 100 ... Some African greys have lived to be older than 80 years of age. These gentle birds are ... Can my parrot live in the living room? How long does a  ...

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... Create Account · Home; How Long Will My Parrot Live ... If a 50 year old adopts a young parrot, the odds are that the owner will die before the bird. You should ...

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That's why you see many 10-17 year old Senegals but not much more that ... And now we can just google "can my parrot eat _____", whereas ...

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Sep 9, 2016 ... Pet birds can live quite long -- potential owners need to be aware of the age their bird might reach and be prepared to provide proper care for ...

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Male Indian ringneck parrots -- or parakeets -- have a distinctive dark ring around their necks, which is ... Proper care will help them live a long time. ... How to Take Care of a Indian Ringneck Parrot · I know my dinner's around here somewhere.