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How Photosynthesis Affects Life
Every breath you take, each morsel of food you place in your mouth, the clothes on your back, the fuel that powers your vehicle and every item in you home could not exist without photosynthesis. Without photosynthesis, neither you nor the computer on... More »
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In general outline and in effect, photosynthesis is the opposite of cellular ..... Therefore, chloroplasts may be photosynthetic bacteria that adapted to life inside  ...

How does photosynthesis affect our lives? - Gardening Answers


Photosynthesis provides food directly to plants and, as a byproduct, creates oxygen which is...

Why Study Photosynthesis


The answers will depend strongly on the effect of photosynthesis carried out by land and sea ... The efficiency of uncultivated plant life is only about 0.2%.

How Does Photosynthesis Affect the Atmosphere of the Planet ...


Gravity holds in place the gases that form the Earth's atmosphere, and the survival of life on the planet hinges on the right balance of these gases.

The vital importance of photosynthesis to life on earth - Harun Yahya


Sep 23, 2010 ... In conclusion, it is clear what a great miracle photosynthesis is, and how closely it impacts on our lives. This flawless system was discovered ...

How does photosynthesis affect the environment? - Ask.com


Algae also uses photosynthesis to create energy, though it lives in water unlike land plants. Algae provides food for a number of aquatic animals and puts ...

The Effects of Photosynthesis | eHow


The Effects of Photosynthesis. Our world depends on the life cycle of a plant called photosynthesis. The light from the sun is used directly by the plants to create ...

How does Photosynthesis help animals survive? - UCSB Science Line


Phrased another way, why do animals depend on photosynthetic plants? ... and note where the plants are located and how many animals they can affect. ... These organisms are vital to life on earth as they provide oxygen as well as food.

How does photosynthesis affect humans - Answers


Photosynthesis affects humans because it gives us air and helps us breathe. If there were no ... Photosynthesis is necessary for all biological life on the Earth.

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Q: How does photosynthesis affect life on earth?
A: photosynthesis gives food to plants and all life on earth directly or indirectly needs plants to live. also as a byproduct plants produce oxygen which lets us b... Read More »
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Q: How Does Pollution Affect Photosynthesis?
A: Ozone and Leaves. Gas exchange through the pores or stomata of leaves provides the necessary carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. However, a 1980 study published ... Read More »
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Q: How Photosynthesis Is Affected by the Amount of Water.
A: Electron Supply. During photosynthesis, water supplies electrons in green plants in the photolysis stage. For the process to succeed, an adequate supply of wate... Read More »
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Q: How does water affect photosynthesis?
A: Water is one of the raw materials in photosynthesis. A shortage of water can slow or even stop photosynthesis. Water is split into hydrogen molecules and oxygen... Read More »
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Q: How might photosynthesis and plant growth be affected by carbon d...
A: Carbon Dioxide is the necessary component in the process of photosynthesis. With less CO2, the plants photosynthesis will be less rapid, as opposed to an area r... Read More »
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