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As royalty and nobility often use titles rather than surnames, often change titles, ... are intended to apply to medieval and modern European rulers and nobility, ...

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This page will give titles according to rank, with forms of address. ... rather late, and probably should be avoided in the Middle Ages without further research. ... we doubt the commoner mayor of any town would get seated amidst the nobility. ... "If the king send any messenger to your lord, if he be a knight, squire, yeoman of ...

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I have a setting that, for literary reasons, has to feel Late Medieval. This means getting the forms of address correct for the aristocracy. ... His/Her Catholic Majesty (abbreviation HCM, oral address Your Catholic Majesty) — the King of ... also princes or princesses of nobility in several European countries, not ...

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Jul 28, 2006 ... This is a list of titles for nobility and a few other groups, these are english you can go to ... Title - Address - Notes Emperor, Empress ... King, Queen Your (Royal) Majesty, My Lord/Lady, My King/Queen, King/Queen Pat

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... to nobility-related lordship, and fiefs were common in late medieval and early ... This page will detail the various styles used by royalty and nobility in Europe, ...

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King and Queen Your Majesty or Your Royal Majesty .... There is no special other address such as nobility or grants of arms have. ... facial expressions, and it's in awareness of things like this that we can begin to become our medieval selves.

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In medieval times, most of the people were peasants, farmers who worked all the time ... The Nobility included the landowners, the King, Lords and Ladies, and ...

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Nobles and Nobility. 4. Imperial Titles. 5. Ruling Titles. 5.1 Kings and Queens. 5.2 Other Ruling Titles. 5.3 The Pope. 6. The Holy Roman Empire and the German ...

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Jul 6, 2011 ... The French royal family: styles, titles, customs, forms of address. ... His direct descendant Louis XVI was renamed "king of the French" (Roi des ..... sons and daughters of the sovereign, and styled in medieval seals filius/filia ..... of the title of "prince" (recall that all titles of nobility had ...

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Does Prince William of Wales have an e-mail address? ... from alt.talk.royalty via a mailing list, as is the case, e.g., for soc.genealogy.medieval. ... The charter states: "The group is oriented to discussion of royalty and nobility of all nationalities, ...

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Q: How to address Medieval Royalty and Nobility?
A: Like another answerer said, most of these titles were not around in the middle ages. I was just looking through the Gest of Robyn Hode from the 14th century, an... Read More »
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Aug 29, 2009 ... Can anyone tell me how one would have addressed the following people in medieval times? Also, what are the differences in rank? Kings ...

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Usage of first names was an unusual occurance in medieval times when addressing royalty and nobility. Sorry all, but we picked a class conscious bunch to ...

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Oct 4, 2013 ... “My Lord” can be seen as a form of direct address to the king by nobility in translated medieval documents–but again, not sure if this is just the ...

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Life in the Medieval Castle was governed by the pyramid-shaped Feudal ... The King granted the land to important nobles - these nobles then pledged their.