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Jul 5, 2017 ... To be a clothing line representative, you need to earn your credentials, develop contacts, land an internship and engage a recruiter.


Clothing lines must convince stores to sell their clothing. To do so, they often hire clothing line representatives, which are sales representatives who understand ...


Find independent apparel sales reps to sell your clothing line and fashion products with RepHunter. Hire fashion and apparel sales representatives.


Once you have joined our database, you will be assigned a rep ID. ... You'll get outfitted in awesome clothing/gear from them, and will even get some cool ...


Clothing sales rep job opportunities! Add more new fashion, apparel and clothing lines with RepHunter. Create your apparel sales rep profile - free!

Aug 4, 2014 ... Sale for you fashion brand or clothing line is vital. You need to find the right sales rep to work the retail frontier!! +Want to start a fashion brand ...


May 13, 2013 ... Good sales reps are very busy and they want lines that have a proven track record in sales. They aren't always willing to take a chance on your ...


Individuals searching for Fashion Sales Representative: Job Description & Career Info ... buyers and retail purchasing agents to buy their company's products.


Nov 21, 2006 ... We are a 3 year old line working with a Sales Rep who has been valuable in placing our young designer into the top boutiques and dept stores ...