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A noncustodial parent is a parent who does not have physical and/or legal custody of his/her child by court order. << you can be considered a non-custodial  ...

Here and Now: How to keep the noncustodial parent involved


Jan 3, 2007 ... Why is it important that the noncustodial parent stay involved? ... Also, just because an ex-spouse may not have been a good spouse does not ...

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Here's advice to help the noncustodial parent adjust to single parenting after ... your ex-spouse support), it might be a good idea to have a spare outfit or two at ...

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Jul 9, 2009 ... On her blog, NonCustodial Parent Community, Rebekah Spicuglia captions the above picture of her and her son: "This is what 'visitation' looks ...

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Jul 10, 2016 ... staying involved as a non-custodial parent It is often difficult for non-custodial parents to have regular, meaningful contact with their kids ...

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Being a non-custodial parent is tough, but with the right frame of mind and the ... but puts you in a good position should you ever seek a change in custody.

Don't Be a Disney Dad – Guest Blog | National Center for Fathering


A “Disney Parent” actually has a legal definition: “a noncustodial parent who .... If they have certain rules at their mother's house, then it's a good idea to be ...

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As a non-custodial parent, you will be as important to your children as you choose to be. It's up to you to make the decision to be an involved non-custodial ...

Mom Tells Some Truths About Being the Non-Custodial Parent


I've written a lot about the realities of being a non-custodial father; I've cited studies showing how non-custodial parents - be they fathers or mothers - tend to  ...

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Fathering Non-custodial Children (for Divorced Dads) ... An assumption of most parent is that they will have a relationship with their child that ... "Now when he calls, I've learned how much it means to him to have a good conversation with us.