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Exercise Rider & Jockey Training Program - Olds College


Exercise Rider & Jockey certificate, horse racing, horsemanship, gallop rider, ... and knowledge you require to become a certified Exercise Rider in 15 weeks.

Riding Racehorses: What Does It Take to Be An Exercise Rider?


The Belmont Stakes is coming and everyone is hoping for a Triple Crown winner! Take a look behind the scenes and learn what it takes to be an exercise rider.

Careers with Animals: Exercise Rider - The Balance


Sep 13, 2016 ... An exercise rider is responsible for riding racehorses in workouts according to the instructions of the trainer.

A Day in the Life of an Exercise Rider - The New York Times


Apr 28, 2010 ... Today I thought I would take you through my morning activity, so you can get a sense of what an exercise rider does. Exercise riders are those ...

Racetrack Exercise Rider – Horse Jobs | The Equinest


Aug 10, 2009 ... Exercise riders can be employed by a trainer, a stable or work freelance. Where requirements are concerned all three options will be similar.

More on What Makes a Good Exercise Rider - The New York Times


May 26, 2009 ... A good exercise rider must have good communication with the trainer, ... and early so they can be fixed, and not let them become chronic.

Dirty Jobs: Exercise Rider - SynNutra


Dec 27, 2014 ... Being an exercise rider is one of the few jobs that require you to wear a helmet and safety vest. Exercise riders actually need to have a license ...

provisional exercise rider license - California Horse Racing Board

www.chrb.ca.gov/query_rules_and_regulations_database.asp?form_query_action=display_rule&form_query_rule_number=1504.5&form_query_rule_title=Provisional Exercise Rider and Exercise Rider&form_query_article=Provisional Exercise Rider and Exercise Rider&form_query_article_index=5&form_query_argument=1504.5

(a) Except as otherwise provided under this article, an applicant for a provisional exercise rider license shall provide evidence that a California licensed trainer ...

Riding on the edge: A closer look at US exercise rider safety | Topics ...


Jan 5, 2015 ... For the grim list of dangers for an exercise rider are infinite: a stirrup iron ... So what exactly is being done to ensure the safety of those hardy ...

How to become a jockey in 10 easy steps | Toronto Star


May 6, 2011 ... He started as a hot-walker, lived in the barn at Woodbine racetrack and worked his way up the food chain to groom, then exercise rider, then ...