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According to Walkers' Mammals of the World, the females can breed up to 28 ... Short-tailed Opossums can become loving and gentle pets if handled from a ...

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They live by themselves in the wild and should be kept singly as pets. ... Reading the literature on short-tail opossum breeding is not pretty - books on the subject ...

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Dec 9, 2009 ... They may look as though they are biting or hurting each other... The fact is, they very well could. STO breeding is very tricky and often can end ...

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Sep 15, 2016 ... Young opossums can be picky eaters the same way young children can be ... I have had much success breeding my opossums using this food.

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As you move progressively farther north in America, breeding season and peak baby ... If you do not desire an opossum as a neighbor, remove outdoor pet food,  ...

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Opossums are not commonly kept as pets and as far as I know, there is no such thing as domesticated opossums, i.e. opossums that have been selectively bred ...

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One reason is that opossums are so small at birth it is difficult to witness the event . ... The breeding season for the Virginia opossum can begin as early as ... to increased predation and more encounters with people, pets and cars with possible ...

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May 22, 2010 ... If you ever are serious about an opossum as a pet, you probably should go with a captive bred baby, there ARE breeders out there.

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Looking for a male and female unrelated pair of STO for my breeding program. Will take sin ... Seeking a young Virginia Opossum bred in captivity to adopt.

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Posts about pet opossum written by retrieverman. ... I know that striped skunks can breed in captivity, and they come in several fur farm color morphs.

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Animal-World > Small Animal Pets > Short Tailed Opossums ... has now closed their borders to exportation, so those available for pets are all bred in captivity.

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The two types of opossums generally kept as pets--short-tailed opossums and Virginia opossums--are quite different in their natures, though both need a ...

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Don't want a pet that sleeps during the day – short tail opossums are nocturnal ... Want to breed them immediately – short tailed opossums are difficult to breed ...