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In fishing, a gaff is a pole with a sharp hook on the end that is used to stab a large fish and then ... Bamboo fly rod · Fishing reel · Fishing rod tapers · Fly rod building · Fishing bait · Bait fish · Boilies · Chum · Clonk · Groundbait · Vermicompost ...


Oct 10, 2016 ... Why carry gaffs of different lengths? Instead, make a versatile one with an extending handle to increase its reach.


It will let you keep that fishing rod around for many more years of EXTREME fishing service…build a fishing gaff! As an avid angler, I like to target larger game.

Mar 18, 2014 ... For about $2, you can make a great fishing gaff yourself. It is not complicated, you only need a stick, hook, drill, and electrical tape. For more ...


Many rod builders are also starting to build their own gaffs and gigging poles. The process for selection is the same as selecting a fishing rod blank - ask yourself ...

Sep 4, 2015 ... Here's how to make a jug gaff. Gearing up for a jug fishing trip next week, I needed a way to grab jugs without bending over the side of the boat.


The Rod Room has a select variety of high quality gaff building materials for you to choose from. These are the same materials we have been using to build gaffs  ...


Jan 6, 2015 ... Learn how to select the proper fishing gaff and have confidence in your gaff when making that critical kill shot.


... be returning for my other rod building needs. Thanks Again! Chris - Texas. Gaff Blanks. Gaff Blanks are custom designed for strength yet are light weight ...


When looking to build a custom gaff, ForeCast™ has a wide array of products for you to choose from. With 2”, 3”, and 4” hooks and six different blank lengths, ...