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Babies on hand most of the time, come take a look at www.kcsto.weebly.com, I am getting. Keokuk, Iowa » Opossums ». Looking to purchase Virginia ...

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Oct 5, 2011 ... Exotic Pets - Baby North American Opossum - as part of the expert series ... we actually have an opossum mix that we sell and that you can buy ...

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Found a baby squirrel, baby bird, Short-tailed Opossums as Pets, baby opossum or a baby rabbit? ... 13 Reasons to Adopt a Pet Rather Than Buy One. No Dogs.

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The two types of opossums generally kept as pets--short-tailed opossums and Virginia opossums--are quite different in their natures, though both need a ...

Opossums As Pets?? - National Opossum Society


You must have a vet to work with and a means of getting prescribed medications, ... Opossums are not meant to be kept as pets, and I swear to you it is the most ...

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I plan on buying a Short Tailed Opossum, what do I need in order to house ... The Short-tailed Opossum happens to be a somewhat new animal to the pet trade.

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The Short Tailed Opossum belongs to the order marsupialia. ... Brazil has now closed their borders to exportation, so those available for pets are all bred in ...

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Feb 29, 2016 ... I feed my opossums Spike's Delite - Premium made by Pet-Pro Products. ... (Gail Dick or my #G2119D) and you will save 10% on every order.

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Explains Care and Feeding of Orphaned Baby Opossums. ... If you do not desire an opossum as a neighbor, remove outdoor pet food, dropped ..... Buy them in as small a quantity as you can and be sure they have not set on the shelf too long.

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Degus have become popular as pets, though until very recently they were seldom ... The opossum is North America's only marsupial (a mammal that carries its ...

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People sometimes find orphaned possums and consider raising these cute animals as pets. It's illegal to keep them without a wildlife rehabilitation permit, ...

STOs – Short Tail Opossums | April's Hedgie Herd


Don't want a pet that sleeps during the day – short tail opossums are nocturnal and will sleep ... Have never seen, handled or held a STO before buying one.

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Great site for Bobcats, baby Skunks, Raccoons, Foxes, Woodchucks,Porcupines, Squirrels and other exotic pets. ... Impulse buying is the wrong thing to do. These critters I have are not ... Baby Opossums will be available Summer 2017..Taking ...