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Oct 21, 2013 ... YOUR BACKYARD FISH'N VIDEOS .... Used a different rig didn't catch anything with the live bait gotta try this rig out next time, thanks for the vid. ... +Chris Lam Size 10 Stripers are not hook or line shy The leader should be ...


Aug 5, 2015 ... On The Water's guide to fishing live bait for Striped Bass. ... tackle shops sell live porgies, you'll have to catch them on your own before your trip.


You can also catch striped bass using a lure that resembles the forage base in the area ... When fishing from a boat, use your sonar to first locate an area where striped bass have congregated. .... Some baits are heavy enough on their own.


Live Bait and Bait Rigs To Use When Fishing For Striped Bass ... If you decide to try and catch your own shad, mouth of creeks, back pockets, shallows along ...


Jul 5, 2014 ... Stripe Bass are seldom thought of as summertime fish, but in the right places, and with ... I'll reveal my summer livebait striper strategies under one condition: that you practice catch and release with these great gamefish. ... but in striper rivers, they're used mainly to deliver your baits close to shoreline cover ...


Apr 21, 2005 ... Some states have mandated the use of a circle hook when bait-fishing for striped bass, so consult your state's regulations on the use of hooks ...


May 26, 2013 ... Live-line a peanut bunker for Chesapeake Bay striped bass. ... When the bite centers around livies, you'd better know how to get your own.


In many Cape Cod fishing spots, you know if striped bass are being caught. ... While working at a bait shop a year or so later, someone told me to always pack a few Sabiki Rigs if there are ... Read on to increase your odds of being that one boat with the bent rods. .... Have you ever encountered lockjaw bass of your own ?


Fishing For Striped Bass With Live Bait, Eels, Spot, Herring, Menhaden, Worms. ... Greg Myerson caught his world record striped bass drifting a live eel over a ... occur along the beach, John and I often catch our own live bait using a cast net.


Does night fishing for striped bass get any better than this? ... lights for your boat —the more light you can put on the water the more bait you'll attract, ... the light- line you create with your own lights intersects with the one made by the bridge.