How to Choose Wire for Sculptures
Wire sculpture is an art form limited only by your imagination. Experiment and find out what works for you, in terms of choosing wire for sculptures.... More »
Difficulty: Easy

Wire Sculpture Tools & Techniques | Wire2craft Resources

A Beginner's Guide for How to Choose and use Wire Sculpture Tools & equipments.

Armature Wire and Aluminum Wire Armatures from Sculpture House

When selecting this wrapping wire for clay modeling, the artist should look for a ... to rust or corrode, the integrity of the sculpture will eventually be compromised.

Alexander Calder-Inspired Wire Sculpture - San Diego Museum of Art

of his lifelong interest in both wire sculpture and kinetic art. These art forms ..... Continue to add additional stones at this point if you choose. Wrap around.

Armature Wire Sculpting Tips | Wire for Sculptures | Arcor Electronics

As you're planning your sculpture, make sure that you choose the right gauge, or thickness, of wire. You will likely need armature wire in varying gauges, both ...

Blick Armature and Sculpture Wire - BLICK art materials

Blick Armature and Sculpture Wire is a soft and flexible aluminum wire that can be used by artists of all ages as a underlying structure for sculptures, wall ...

Basics of Innovative Wire Sculpture - The Lesson Plans Page

Title - Teaching Innovative Wire Sculpture By - Elizabeth Berrien Primary Subject - Art Grade Level - 2-5 Wire Art vs. Wire Sculpture: The term "wire art"

15+ Of The Most Beautifully Twisted Wire Sculptures | Bored Panda

Feb 10, 2015 ... The artists in this list all use wire as their main material for their amazing sculptures, which are perfect examples of just how widely applicable ...

wire sculpture on Pinterest | Wire Sculptures, Wire Art and Alexander ...

Which Wire Gauge for What? Choosing the right size wire is an important part of successful wire jewelry designs. This article covers the best uses for which wire ...

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Q: How to Do a Wire Sculpture.
A: Instructions. Choose the right wire for your sculpture. Steel wire is the cheapest, so probably the best to use as a beginner or for mock-ups before making the ... Read More »
Q: How to Make Wire Sculptures.
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Q: How to Solder Wire Sculptures
A: 1 Clean off your work area. Make sure there are no flammable materials in the path of the torch's flame. Remember that the heat of the flame reaches out much fa... Read More »
Q: How to Make a Wire Tree Sculpture
A: 1 Obtain nine or twelve strands of 24-gauge wire. Decide how high you want your wire tree sculpture to be, then multiply that height by 2.5cm/1 inch (for exampl... Read More »
Q: How To Do a Wire Sculpture
A: Wire sculptures are fun and easy to make. It can use a variety of scrap wire materials. The most basic tools needed to make a wire sculpture are pliers and wire... Read More »