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How to Conduct a Penny Fundraising Drive


The project is run for any FIVE, CONSECUTIVE SCHOOL DAYS. ... By collecting pennies, children learn they too can make a contribution to the community.

Penny Charity - Americans for Common Cents


These fundraisers clearly demonstrate the true value of the penny. ... Indeed, the $150 million collected in the Pennies for Patients programs proves that pennies ...

Penny Drive Can Mean Great Fundraising Dollars for Your ...


Oct 5, 2007 ... “Just One Penny” Can Mean Great Fund-raising Dollars for Your Organization ... are turning those little copper coins into a terrific fund-raising project. ... Halstead Elementary students enthusiastically collected more than a ...

DIY - Penny Drive fundraiser! - Fundraising Ideas


Fundraising: A penny drive fundraiser can be a fun, entertaining and ... Points are posted every day and the money collected in the office at the end of the day ...

Penny Fundraising - The Power of The Penny


With “The Power of The Penny” you can run a successful Penny Fundraiser that makes ... a fun learning experience while raising money for charity, service projects, ... choose a popular charity, or just collect pennies to learn about savings and ...

penny drive manual - The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation


Penny drives can take many forms, from the simplest collection of spare change in the cafeteria to a friendly competition ... Common Sense website for penny fundraising. ... Send or email a letter to families introducing the project. Include the ...

The Penny Drive Fundraiser is really simple idea that has potential ...


Could be a change drive instead of just pennies: Fundraising idea. May be a .... So on sale day all we have to do is open the garage door and start collecting cash! STOCKPILE ...... Fundraising Project Ideas' homecoming flowers. This is a ...

Fundraising | My Rotary


You may be able to pay for your project entirely through fundraising events, such as ... Collect pennies to end polio; Organize a purple pinkie project to end polio ...

101 Fundraising Activity Ideas - The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh


of collecting the most pennies. Competitors can throw other coins (and bills) in competing jars to throw off the penny total. The team with the highest penny total.

Fundraising Ideas - H2O for Life


H2O For Life Walk for Water: Number one fundraising idea! ... Bucket Drive : Collect change (for example, Penny Monday, Nickel Tuesday, Dime ... and involve them in classroom activities designed around water issues and the project.

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Penny Fundraising - Americans for Common Cents


These fundraisers clearly demonstrate the true value of the penny. For example ... At Dallas area 7-Elevens, over 82 percent of all coins collected were pennies.

Penny Drive Fundraiser: How to do one Successfully


There are great funds to be raised with a simple Penny Drive Fundraiser. ... Collect coins through your teams and collection tins, and then lay those coins out to ...

Fundraising Idea: Penny War - Hope For Humanity


The object of the game is for each team to collect as many pennies as possible during the ... are told about the project that will benefit from the fundraising event.