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Collecting Roosevelt Dimes: Values & Key Dates - The US Coin Guide


roosevelt-dimes-photo-by-joshua.JPG Collecting Roosevelt dimes can be both fun and challenging. After all, while Roosevelt dimes flood our pocket change, ...

Top 6 Roosevelt Dimes for Collectors | eBay


The Roosevelt dimes are good entry-level coins for both serious and casual ... according to Roosevelt Dimes, a website dedicated to collecting this dime variety.

Roosevelt Dime - Coin Collecting Guide For Beginners


Results 1 - 6 of 50 ... The Roosevelt Dime is a US dime piece that was first produced in 1946, shortly after the death of the nation's 32nd President. The dime piece ...

Finding Rare Dimes - Coin Values Discovery


The popularity of coin collecting today and demand from collectors has moved the ... all of US dime production including the current modern Roosevelt dime.

Dime Values | Discover Your Valuable Dimes - Coin Values Discovery


Uncirculated Bust Dime, Seated Liberty, Barber, Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes. However, the odds are ... Affordable to collect, the value is in Uncirculated coins.

The Roosevelt Dime Collector Checklist - Littleton Coin Company


popular way to collect Roosevelt dimes is to assemble all the different dates and mint marks of the series. This complimentary checklist lets you keep track of ...

Roosevelt Dimes | Complete Coin Guide


Depending on the focus of a particular collection, Roosevelt Dimes can be an extremely approachable series for new collectors or a highly challenging series for ...

Roosevelt Clad Dime Values and Prices - Coins - About.com


Jun 30, 2016 ... Up until 1964, dimes were made with 90% silver. If you want to get the most money for your Roosevelt clad dime collection, you need to sort ...

Coin Rarities & Related Topics: Collecting Dimes - CoinWeek


Jun 29, 2011 ... Such a collector might instead collect silver Roosevelt Dimes 'by date.' These are available for around the value of their silver content, currently ...

Coin Rarities & Related Topics: Collecting Silver Dimes by Design ...


Jun 20, 2012 ... Silver Roosevelt Dimes, however, were minted for circulation from 1946 to 1964. So, as the current topic is collecting silver dimes by design ...

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A Clad Roosevelt Dime 'Key Date' Analysis - PCGS.com


Oct 23, 2012 ... The Roosevelt dime, a series often relegated to the ranks of ... look to the series' 1946-1964 period to collect the last of the silver dimes, but ...

Roosevelt Dime Error List | HobbyLark


Feb 27, 2015 ... The Roosevelt Dime Collection is a unique piece of U.S. Coinage history. In this guide, discover the history, key date values and dime errors ...

Collecting Roosevelt Dimes - Liberty Coin Service


Collecting Roosevelt Dimes. 1946-D Roosevelt Dime. Liberty Coin Service by Thomas Coulson. 1996-W Roosevelt Dime. Close up of 1982. No Mintmark.